An appointment with the royal kitchens for the inhabitants of Delhi –

Cooking is a true art form, especially when practiced by royal chefs inside the sprawling kitchens of palaces. Each royal family holds their family culinary traditions sacred, sharing them only with their trusted cook and their descendants. It’s a rare ingredient, a special technique, or simply a love of art that makes every dish come out so flawlessly perfect.

Delhiites will have the rare opportunity to enjoy timeless culinary classics from four royal kitchens of India at Kitchen of the Kings: A Tryst with Royalty, hosted at Roseate House Delhi over the next four weekends. At these lavish dinner parties, hosted in collaboration with Royal Fables, a young royal with a flair for the kitchen will present his culinary delights to discerning guests every weekend.

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The event kicked off on November 18 with an a la carte dinner hosted by Rani Shailaja Katoch from Kangra-Lambagraon. A princess of Sailana, Rani Shailaja Katoch is credited with promoting not only the famous cuisine of her parental state, but also dominance over the famous heritage of Dham cuisine that she inherited from her marital home. . The famous Kangra Dham and select dishes from Sailana Rajputana cuisine were served to the guests for dinner at Kheer., the Indian restaurant at Roseate House Delhi.

The second weekend witnessed Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of Rampur presenting the delicious Avadhi cuisine of Rampur. Two other current offspring of princely India will showcase their inherited culinary culture to guests over the next two weekends. On the third weekend, Tikarani Ritu and Tikasaaheb Ajatshatru Singh from Jammu & Kashmir will prepare a lavish meal including Jammu’s Dogri food and Kashmir’s legendary Wazwan. During the last weekend of the culinary event, the guests will witness the renaissance of the best Mewari cuisine from the kitchen of Kunwar Hemendra Singh of Bhainsrorgarh, which is a region rich in maize.

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