Andre Bing, 31, is the alleged gunman at the Walmart mass


andre bing The shooter who is accused of killing six people at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, before committing suicide has now been named the store’s night manager, The Independent has reported. Follow for more updates

Andre Bing, a 31-year-old Chesapeake resident who works at Walmart, is suspected of firing a handgun inside the store’s break room around 10 p.m. Tuesday. Follow for more updates Twitter

Before Bing, an overnight team leader who had worked at the company for the previous 12 years, allegedly shot and killed himself with his own weapon, authorities said, six people, including a 21-year-old employee years, were killed in the attack on Tuesday. His body and the bodies of two of his alleged victims were discovered in the store’s break room.


The motive for the attack is still unknown, but survivors have stated that the 31-year-old man had “issues” with other employees before the shooting.

In a statement provided to The Independent on Wednesday, Walmart confirmed the identity of the shooter.


“Authorities have confirmed many deaths, however specific details of the horrific occurrence at our Chesapeake, Virginia store are still being developed. At this time, our top priority is to provide our colleagues and their families with the best possible support. Andre Bing has been named as the suspected shooter, according to a business representative.

“We can attest that he worked for Walmart. Since he joined the organization in 2010, Andre has held the position of night team leader. We appreciate the efforts of the neighborhood emergency personnel and will continue to cooperate with them as the investigation progresses.


Before Andre Bing on Tuesday, a witness who had only been employed there for five days claimed that it was already obvious that Bing had “issues” with some of the other supervisors at the branch.

He told local television station 10 On Your Side that he thought the shooting was planned in advance and that the shooter occasionally laughed as he carried out the attack.

He added that he appeared to target other supervisors in the shooting, which took place as 14 workers waited to start their night shift in a meeting room.

Jessie Wilczewski, Andre Bingemployee, described how the shooter appeared to save her during the massacre at the local WAVY station. andre bing

She told how, when the shooting broke out, she ran under the table.

Andre Bing, 31, is the suspected gunman in the Walmart mass shooting that killed six people in addition to himself.

He claimed that when Bing saw her, he pointed his revolver at her. But he advised her to return home instead of opening fire.

Briana Tyler, another Walmart employee, told Good Morning America that the shooter was seen as someone to “look out for.”

“Usually I would have some kind of conflict with someone, but I never thought it would get to this point,” said speaker Andre Bing. Everyone had something to say about him as a manager, he claimed.

Ms. Tyler, who was uninjured in the shooting, claimed that Bing said nothing before walking into the break room and opening fire.

She claimed: “When I looked up, my manager had just opened the door and started shooting.”

He went on to say that he did not believe the suspect was specifically targeting anyone, just the first person “in his crosshairs.”

She said: “He just started shooting all over the break room and I saw multiple people just drop to the ground, trying to hide for cover or get hit.”

He went completely silent and said nothing at all. She just turned the corner and started shooting.

He took down the first guy that came into view, and the next thing you know, he just started manipulating Andre Bing throughout the break without saying a word.

Police revealed the shooter’s identity as a male store clerk at a news conference Wednesday morning. He was not believed to have been on police radar before Tuesday’s attack.

Police issued a press release containing Bing’s photo and identity a few hours later.

He had no prior criminal record, according to a search of online databases. It is unclear if Bing legally purchased the weapon used in the assault.

After the incident, a search warrant was placed on the residence of suspect Andre Bingat, and footage shows the front door was vandalized.

The residence was “cleared” in the search, according to Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky, stating there was “not an ongoing concern for the public.”

At 10:12 p.m. Tuesday, police were contacted in response to reports of a shooting at the business.

Two minutes later, at 10:14 p.m., the first agents arrived at the scene. Two minutes later, at 10:16 p.m., they entered the business.

According to Chief Solesky, officers discovered the suspect had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and deemed the area safe.

The incident claimed lives and injured several victims.

One victim was discovered dead in the front of the store, and the gunman and two other victims were discovered dead in the break room. Three more victims were taken to hospital, but later died of their injuries.

At least six additional survivors were taken to nearby hospitals for additional care. On Wednesday afternoon, the City of Chesapeake reported that one of those people is now in serious condition.

Tyneka Johnson, a 21-year-old store employee, was one of the victims who died in the attack, according to her relatives.

After learning of the incident, Johnson’s family asked for help locating her in a tragic, late Facebook post by Andre Bingnight.

“We need help finding my little cousin. She works for Walmart,” wrote a desperate family member.

“Everyone should be aware of their safety. The purpose of this article is to locate and help Tyneka Johnson. There are none. It just helps.

The family uploaded a photo of the 21-year-old wearing distressed emojis a few hours later.

She was “the nicest girl who never bothered anyone,” according to a relative who confirmed her death to 7NewsDC on Wednesday.

A makeshift memorial with her name was placed in the parking lot of the Walmart where she was killed.

At this time, it is unknown how the four survivors are doing in the hospital.

Two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, President Joe Biden denounced the attack.

He said that this Thanksgiving, many more tables will be empty thanks to another senseless and horrible act of violence.

After a gunman opened fire inside an LGBT+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday night, the mass shooting is just the latest tragedy to rock America.

When suspected shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich opened fire inside Club Q in Colorado Springs on Saturday night, five people were killed and 17 more injured.


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