Anjula Acharia’s sister Annu is dead: Priyanka Chopra’s manager pays tribute on Instagram

Businesswoman, philanthropist, investor and manager Anjula Acharia’s sister, Annu, has died, she confirmed in an emotional Instagram post. Read on to find out how Annu, Anjula Acharia’s sister, died, what happened to her and what caused her death.

Anjula Acharia is the long-time manager of Bollywood-Hollywood actress and wife of Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She has been representing the actress since the early days of her career.

Who was Annu, the sister of Anjula Acharia?

Annu was the sister of angel investor, adviser and entrepreneur Anjula Acharia, who is a manager for Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Anjula was recently listed on Billboard’s International Power Players list. She co-founded the media company Desi Hits! in 2007.

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Annu was the older sister of Anjula Acharia. She was 44 years old and lived in the United States. The two sisters have been very close since childhood and have always supported each other at every step of their lives.

Anjula Acharia reveals that Annu is dead via Instagram

Anjula Acharia shared a touching post on Instagram featuring a series of her sister and her photos with an emotional caption revealing that Annu is dead.


“I will always miss you. I will never forget how you believed in me since I was a child, when people told me I was stupid because I was dyslexic, when you fought my bullies on the playground, told anyone who would listen that it would be someone . , even when I didn’t believe in myself,” Anjula wrote in the caption.

She added: “You told me to never stop reaching for the stars. You gave me permission to live without fear and without apology because that’s how you lived. You were brave until the end and although cancer took you away, no one can take away our memories. I am heartbroken and sad to lose my sister. RIP annu and may God bless you wherever you rest.”

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Fans joined Anjula Acharia in paying their respects to Annu

Fans of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Anjula Acharia took to the comments section of Anjula’s Instagram post to pay tribute to her dead sister, Annu.

“Praying for the soul of your sister Anj and sending you and the family much love. We are all here to help him get through this and celebrate his life. I love you,” wrote one fan.

“Sending light to all of you ❤️ Your sister lives through the actions of kindness and love that you share with the world, today and always,” wrote another.

“So sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your family ❤️,” wrote a third person.

Several celebrities, friends, and colleagues of Anjula’s also paid their respects to her sister Annu in the comments section.

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Sister Annu of Anjula Acharia dead: What was the cause of her death?

Anjula Acharia has confirmed that her sister Annu died of cancer in the heartbreaking Instagram post she sent out today. It was not known beforehand that Annu was battling cancer as the sisters kept their battle private.

Unfortunately, Annu lost her battle with cancer last week. She passed away at a very young age leaving her sister Anjula Acharia and other family members in grief.

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It is not known what type of cancer Annu had and how long she had been fighting the disease. However, none of that matters right now. Still, if more information is released, we will update this section.

Our deepest condolences to the family at this difficult time. May God rest in peace to the soul of the deceased.

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