Architecture: What Is Sydney After, When It Comes to Interior Design?

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities to own or rent a house in the world. Investors lock horns in Sydney’s housing market for asset locations. The central harbor and the expanse of the city are the main reasons for the city’s booming real estate. Towards the city’s center, housing costs are almost four times more expensive than the prices in the city’s outer parts.

The Rise in Unit Houses

Today, the apartment dwellings and their engineered flooring in Sydney reflect its urban sprawl. Between 1966 and 2006, there was a 30 percent increase in the number of apartments. This increase in urban consolidation results from environmental and economic concerns because of the city’s growing population. Lower-income households opt for apartment-style buildings as it is near impossible even to rent a stand-alone house in the city. Even with the emerging home units, the inner city has retained its row houses and brick-veneer bungalows. These houses built in European architectural styles still linger with nostalgia for the ‘homeland’ and are glorified for their beauty. The city’s social and economic class is sharply reflected in its urban design. Sydney’s western area is dominated by multi-unit houses, which increased by 157 percent between 1981 and 2001. Unit houses contribute to the city’s culture through their dynamic and innovative architectural techniques that reflect on the economic class. 

The Architectural Design of Unit Houses

In 2016, ninety percent of apartment approvals were given mostly to cities, especially Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The average price of apartments is 30 percent lower than the cost of a stand-alone house. Unit houses are specifically built to reduce public infrastructure. The cost efficiency and convenient styles are the central attraction to its urban residents. These houses are in established suburbs where employment and modern amenities are readily available. The facilities available around the unit homes increase their demand among city dwellers. There are many variants in multi-unit houses such as studio apartments, duplex houses, and high-rise apartments. They may range from a bachelor suite with a single room to a unit with five rooms. The apartment’s design can be divided into three categories to understand the various styles and economic infrastructure.

  • The Interior

Unit buildings vary in size and style according to the cost of the housing. In a penthouse apartment, the balcony might overlook a pool or a garden with an in-built theatre, sports and gym facilities within the community walls. Multi-purpose social space will be part of the living spaces with pools of light accentuating the hardwood décor. Also, engineered flooring in Sydney is common among affordable apartments as it is a budget-friendly option. The flooring is suitable for all areas as it provides resistance to temperature and moisture. The appeal for engineered flooring is due to its durability and easy maintenance. As many layers go into the flooring structure, the stability and foundation of the floor are stronger. Engineered flooring services usually offer the supply, delivery, and installation services. Installation of the flooring is done in floating or direct stick method. 

  • Common Space

The common area includes the stairways, lobbies, exterior walkways, parking space, and the rooftop. Sculptural forms, plants, and the design of the elevator mark the economic class of the apartment. Generally, in high-rise buildings, common areas have centralized air conditioning and minimalist designs with somber colors. 

  • The Face of the Apartment

The exterior style of the apartment is an expression of its inhabitants’ cultural and economic class. It advertises the apartment to potential buyers with its attractiveness. Elite buildings generally imitate the stand-alone houses with grey stone walls and white ceiling-high columns. The entrance, windows, and balconies’ structural arrangement reflects whether the building is extravagant in style or practical and cost-efficient.

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