“Argentina? Hopefully the referee controls the game…” List of Codes

The Croatian coach, Zlatko Dalic, spoke about what he expects from the clash. Perisic is not afraid of Messi and believes that if he wins it will be the most important match in Croatian history.

How do you face the game against Argentina?

We are among the four best teams in the world. It is a great event that in two World Cups we have reached the semifinals. Now we want and want more. We are playing against the great Argentina, against Leo Messi. They have more pressure than us. We have analyzed them, we know how they play and how they want the game to go, but as always I am optimistic.

As they are physically?

The players showed character. We spend a lot. We played two extensions. We do not talk about whether we have strength and energy. That is not in doubt. We know how much we have to spend and we are prepared for it. We don’t have big problems that could harm us in terms of alignment. Everyone is fit and I won’t even ask who is tired.

What game are you waiting for?

We are not going to adapt to his style of play, we saw the match against the Netherlands in which there were many duels and tense situations. We want to avoid that at all costs and hope that the referee has good control of the match.

Will the weight of the stands, with an Argentine majority, affect them?

When you look at the amount of emotion that the Argentine fans live in the matches… the same thing happens to us, only we are much less. In fact, it’s the same with everyone, and the possibility of doing something this big was narrowed down to these four teams. I think the atmosphere will be great, that we will all enjoy cheering and that in the end Croatia will enjoy that happiness.

How did Croatia get here?

I tell my players that without enjoying there are no results. We have reached a level where everyone is watching what a little Croatia will do and I really hope that all of Croatia enjoys tomorrow.

Is Croatia an example for the rest?

Four years ago we allowed each country to have hope and a dream. Our example and the quality of other national teams allow them to experience what we experience in Russia. This is also how you live in Morocco. If we look at this World Cup, Morocco has won the greats and has every right to dream of being on the throne. Croatia also has that right.

Perisic: “Messi? We already saw Cristiano fall…”

How is the wardrobe?

We feel perfect, but we don’t want to stay here, every athlete’s dream is to play in the final. Argentina is a great team and they showed in this tournament that they give 100 percent. It’s hard to compare the game ahead of us to the one we played against England in the 2018 semi-final. It depends a lot on us. If we are good, there is no fear. If we play like we did against Brazil, there will be no problem.

Is this an opportunity to upset Messi who desperately wants to win this trophy?

We saw a few days ago that Portugal fell with Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi is also trying to win this trophy on his fifth chance, but on the other hand, we will be one hundred percent because, like everyone, we want to win, we will do our best so that the best man on the pitch wins. .

Is this the most important game in the history of the selection?

Personally, the semi-final against England in Russia is my favourite, then there is Brazil in Qatar. This could be even bigger. Repeating such success with a new team is something I could only dream of. If we win, for me it will be the most important match in the history of the Croatian national team.

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