Arise Townhall: Obi on how focusing on education and health tackles poverty

Pedro Obithe presidential candidate for the Labor Party has revealed that tackling fundamental issues of health and education is necessary to reduce poverty.

Obi revealed this on the Arise TV series Town Hall on Sunday night.

In his previously reported Manifesto, Obi mentioned that reskilling youth is an important foundation for economic productivity.

Obi focused on health, education and human capital, citing that,

  • the lack of health and education is one of the consequences of poverty, and these are the issues we are discussing.
  • “Human development is measured in terms of life expectancy, where Nigeria is 55 and the global world average is over 70. Nigeria ranks 133rd in the world in poverty and 163rd in the Human Development Index,” he said.

He pointed out that health and education are essential for the progress of a nation and must be adequately addressed and managed to avoid poverty. He said that when he is elected, he will invest in those critical areas.

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For the record: Nairametry previously reported that Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential candidate, says he plans to boost productivity by growing the national economy quantitatively and qualitatively by designing programs to reskill young people for greater synergy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field; and create a fund similar to venture capital for young entrepreneurs.

  • “We will grow the national economy quantitatively and qualitatively by designing programs to retrain our youth to achieve greater synergy between their skill sets and our factor endowments, create mandatory national certification for blue-collar artisans, strengthen some of existing tertiary science and engineering schools to train the next generation of experts in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and create a venture capital-like fund for young entrepreneurs.” he said.

The news continues after this announcement.

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