As Biden touts Burn Pit bill, veterans say it doesn’t go far enough –

(NewsNation) — As President Joe Biden walked a victory lap Friday over legislation expanding benefits for millions of veterans who were exposed to toxins while in service, NewsNation found that veterans still struggle to get treatment and are their time is running out.

Veterans and advocates breathed a sigh of relief when Biden signed the PACT Act into law in August.

The law helps veterans get tested for toxin exposure. These include Agent Orange, which was used for deforestation during the Vietnam War, and burn pits, where trash was destroyed at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to screening, the Department of Veterans Affairs is required by law to assume that some respiratory diseases and cancers are related to burn areas. This allows veterans to receive disability benefits without having to prove direct causation.

After more than a decade of fighting, the hope was that these struggling members of the US military would receive much-needed treatment.

But veterans, including the veterans who personally led the effort to pass the PACT Act, told NewsNation that they are not getting the treatment they need right now and that, for many, their lives depend on it.

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