The health insurance company covers the costs for these psychotherapy procedures

health insurance company

Not all psychotherapy is the same. There are many procedures. How to find the right one and which therapies statutory and private health insurance companies pay for: an overview. Anxiety, depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder: Anyone who is mentally ill needs professional help. Statutory health insurance in covers the costs for adult patients for four psychotherapy … Read more

Best Maternity Wedding Dresses That Will Seamlessly Adore Your Curves

Maternity Wedding Dresses

The journey to motherhood is a beautiful and transformative experience, and for lots of brides, this magical bankruptcy regularly coincides with their wedding day. Maternity wedding attire has become a popular and empowering choice for expectant brides, allowing them to rejoice each their love and coming near motherhood in style. If you are looking for … Read more

Affordable clothing for chubby people

The perfect outfit for curvy women is comfortable and at the same time shows you from your best side. That’s why we’re presenting you with 5 fashionable outfit ideas and useful tips for advantageous styling for chubby people, with which you can emphasize your good side. Read these reviews also: Theanex Kapseln Glucoslim Shape Kapseln … Read more

Circuit training: exercises for all muscle groups in the gym

exercises for all muscle

RIA Novosti. Fitness experts tell RIA Novosti what circuit training is, how to use it to lose weight and improve your physical performance, and also share a set of the best strength and aerobic exercises for working out in the gym. Fitness is not always a boring sequence of the same movements. Confirmation of this … Read more

Honda has revived the dream of street racers from the 90s

street racers

After 16 years, Acura revives its legendary model in the concept of dashing “lighters” of the 80-90s with brutal mechanics. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter 200-horsepower turbo engine and no bad electricity. Read more about the car with powerful roots in the article by Gazeta.Ru. The Acura brand does not call the launch of … Read more

Newborn screening for vitamin B12 deficiency: The benefits outweigh the benefits

These are metabolic diseases that cause irreversible damage Vitamin B12 and certain enzymes are essential for the breakdown of protein in the human body. If an expectant mother cannot absorb vitamin B12, this is dangerous for the newborn because the human body cannot produce vitamins itself. It also happens that the breakdown of protein in … Read more

Emma Stone’s dress bursts when she wins an Oscar – she makes a joke out of it

Emma Stone's dress bursts when she wins an Oscar - she makes a joke out of it

She takes it calmly and makes a joke. Just as Emma Stone won her second Oscar for Best Actress, the seam on the back of her dress burst. Apparently overwhelmed by her emotions, the “Poor Things” star even commented on the robe mishap on stage: “I think it happened during “I’m just Ken”!” The hit from … Read more

Recipe: Dry rub to jump down the ‘kōji’ rabbit hole

Recipe: Dry rub to jump down the ‘kōji’ rabbit hole

Much of the praise for Japanese cuisine would be more accurately directed toward Aspergillus oryzae, a mold, otherwise known by its local moniker: kōji. Kōji is so widely ingrained in Japan’s food traditions, used in everything from sake brewing to soy sauce fermentation, that I find myself asking, as Michael Pollan did in “The Botany … Read more

Every Thursday, the Comédie-Française puts stage costumes up for sale

Every Thursday, the Comédie-Française puts stage costumes up for sale

Since January 18, the Parisian theater has been offering around 30 second-hand items a week. You can share an article by clicking on the share icons at the top right of it. The total or partial reproduction of an article, without the prior written authorization of Le Monde, is strictly forbidden. On Thursday, February 1, … Read more