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Automated Text Extraction from Images using OCR Technology

Automated Text Extraction from Images using OCR Technology

The digital world requires smarter ways to do different jobs and to be an intelligent guy you have to become time-efficient. Whether in the office or your educational career, time efficiency is very important. Optical character recognition technology is the one that helps you work intelligently and for a limited period at different stages of your life.

If you are traveling for work, you may need some documents that have been written before to convert them into editable files. Instead of writing lengthy documents, the OCR tools can help you with automatic conversion.

In this article, we will discuss more extracting text from images using online OCR technology.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition is the electronic conversion of images and handwritten documents into digital text that can be edited. For example, if you want to read a newspaper and change the text in the image, you can use the OCR converter to convert the article into an editable format and then edit the wording.

OCR is mainly used for data entry to restore handwritten or old invoices, bank statements, letters, applications, passports, brochures, business cards, and other documents.

In addition to this use, the OCR is also used to transform the image into text-to-language to listen to the scriptures.

Advantages of OCR technology


OCR is one of the most important things to become intelligent because it helps students become time-efficient. Many students find it difficult to read a research paper that was printed or written a long time ago because the media technology for printing may be old at that time. In this situation, the OCR should have been used to convert it into the digital form that is readable and editable.

Reading a particular book for two to three hours a day is a somewhat difficult task, but it is much easier for students to hear the content. However, students usually use this technology to convert the image into text and then audio to listen to it while walking or even eating.


If you are doing business, you may know how important it is to rewrite and edit a document, whether it is a letter or an agreement. Instead of writing or typing the data into the computer, you can simply take the photo of the document and convert it for modification using online OCR technology.


At the airport, the representatives are usually busy entering the passport data of several peoples in the region due to the added hubbub. Instead of manually entering the data of all peoples, they usually scan the passport to immediately enter the information into the computer. Similarly, when scanning the passport code, the representative will know the entire itinerary.


When handling multiple sections and classes, teachers usually have difficulty sequencing their teaching materials. They need to read a lot and make copies for students. However, they can use the OCR to convert the handwritten material into digital, where they can use it to print multiple copies. Besides, they can also use OCR in assessing student’s “exams.


Will you ever submit your resume in a handwritten form? I guess not, because it’s the worst way to apply for a job and it gives you the impression of others. Visualization is the presentation and OCR can help you convert the handwritten copy into a digital copy.

The best online OCR tools

1. Microsoft OneNote

You can use Microsoft OneNote regularly, but you never focus on providing OCR technology within your application. Besides, they use modern technology and intelligence in the conversion of images and handwritten materials.

The OneNote OCR function is used to drag or upload the image into the application, while you can also upload the clip art or any other type of image. Afterward, you need to right-click on the image and select Copy Text to Image. The OneNote algorithm automatically converts the image to text while the text is copied to the clipboard.

You can now paste the text from the clipboard and use it anywhere.

2. Prepostseo

Prepostseo’s Image-Text Converter is also an online tool that is very efficient and fast to convert your image into editable text. It does not require a subscription or even a registration, but you can access the tool right away. It offers two options for uploading the image including uploading and extracting the image via the URL. The tool automatically imports the image and converts it after you insert the URL.

This efficient tool can upload the image in various formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF.

3. SimpleOCR

This is another OCR detection software that works based on freeware and most companies use this software to convert their images into text. It is a downloadable software that extracts the text without the availability of the Internet.

SimpleOCR is also popular for recognizing the images in the column layout, as well as the color images, but you will need to buy the commercial OCR application.


Nowadays, intelligent work is better than hard work, because intelligent work increases efficiency, while hard work only completes the goal. Instead of rewriting the entire document, you can scan and extract the text, whether it is a handwritten or printed copy. Many publishers especially newspaper publishers use this technology in order to obtain the text out of the already published news. In another use, the publisher also uses this technology to detect plagiarism in printed copies.  


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