Ayade delivers vehicles to state anti-corruption agency

Cross River State Governor Professor Ben Ayade handed over new Renault vans to the newly launched State Anti-Corruption and Complaints Commission on Monday.

According to a statement from the Governor’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Christian Ita, the handover ceremony took place on the open grounds of the Governor’s office in Calabar and was conducted on behalf of the Governor by his Chief of Staff, the Hon. Martin Orim.

He said that the provision of logistics to the commission was to allow it to carry out its task effortlessly, which is paramount for the governor, hence the delivery of the vehicles.

“We know that logistics is one of the factors that allows any organization or government agency to achieve effective service delivery, which is why we are doing this.

“In addition to these vehicles, the governor has also ordered the commission’s takeoff grant and office space to be made available immediately,” Orim said.

Receiving the vehicles on behalf of the commission, the commission’s chairman, Judge Effiom Ita (ret.), expressed his thanks to the governor for facilitating his work and promised to fulfill his mandate.

“We are going to get down to work, there will be no excuses,” said Judge Ita.

Governor Ayade launched the commission last month and tasked members with helping block government leaks.

The governor had told members, “There are so many places where we have leaks that we think your presence can help block them.

“We would like to be a perfect example of how an Anti-Corruption and Public Complaints Commission could play its role.

“Therefore, there must be no political intrusions of any kind, no axes, nothing directed against anyone. We intend to bring glory to the state and not to shame the state.

“It should never, ever be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which the commission was established. So keep in mind that you have been elevated through this commission to serve God before serving the state,” he said.

The members of the commission also include lawyer Akinde Emmanuel, Eferi Okoi, Comrade John Odey (representing the state government), Ms. Franca Inok, CSP Emmanuel Adam (representing the Nigerian Police) and Faluyi Oluwale (representing from the Department of State Services DSS).

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