Be The Voice Of The Top Podcast Of The Nation Through Voyzapp

“Ancient storytellers were keepers of local knowledge and history. Fast-forward it to the 21st century and those storytellers are now podcast voice artists!”

For all aspiring and veteran voice talents, Voyzapp – the largest voice-over marketplace in India has announced “Podcast Narration Contest”, providing exciting voice-over opportunities to professional voice-over artists amid lockdown.

As new horizons are opening for voice artists in Podcast narration, there’s a huge earning potential in the voice-over industry. Working with well-known and reputed brands means quick and good money and with the right skills and experience, one can be assured of earning huge chunks of income. Also, with globalization taking over the world, voice actors today lend their voices to projects around the world! Voice acting also means that they get to be the boss of their timing and schedule their work accordingly. But with cut-throat competition, delay in payments, tight deadlines, and struggle to find potential clients and the right medium, it may be difficult to get new projects and auditions easily.

Voyzapp is a technology-powered platform that has revolutionized the voice over the industry by offering high-quality recordings at quick turnaround time and affordable prices. As a leading voice over agency in India, Voyzapp seeks to eliminate the need of following conventional voice-over process and to create a level playing field for voice actors where they can register for free, upload their voice samples and get themselves noticed! 

In today’s scenario, most of the auditions are either canceled or scaled back due to lockdown and this has impacted the voice-over industry’s artists significantly as they are finding it hard to get new projects. This contest will help to ignite the spark in the voice artists and encourage them to portray their talents on a global platform. Given the immense voice talent in India and an increase in the demand for quality podcast voice-overs, budding as well as pro artists can amplify their visibility and reach through this contest and get a proper platform for exhibiting their talent as well as earn better. The interested contestants just need to register or login themselves in the Voyzapp website and upload their podcast sample in English or their regional language. As the portal is user-friendly and can be easily assessed by any newbie, the focus of the contest is to provide relevant work opportunities to the artists. Also, the winner of the contest can land up a huge Podcast narration offer from one of the top brands of the country! Enticing, isn’t it?

The primary goal of Voyzapp is to eliminate the need for middlemen so that the artists can illustrate their expertise to the world and the customers can have complete peace of mind regarding making the payment to the artist. By introducing the “Escrow-mechanism” for payment, Voyzapp ensures that the payment of the clients is held securely in escrow till they are satisfied with the voice over and the artists are paid well for the projects after completion. By emerging one of the leading tech start-ups of India, Voyzapp caters to provide new opportunities to artists by giving them a proper platform for showcasing their talent and generating better income. With 10000+ professional voice artists working in multiple languages and categories, Voyzapp ensures to provide quick, secured payments and global exposure to each talent. Voyzapp offers completely “free” registration for voice actors/artists – so, no matter if one is a budding voice over artist, a seasoned VO player, or rising voice talent! At Voyzapp, voice actors set their own rates and receive prompt payment status, through its transparent project management.

Tech digitization is the way forward for the voice over industry. As remote working is providing new ways for professional voice actors to work sustainably in these difficult times, online platforms like Voyzapp have always offered a unique way for voice actors to broadcast their versatility by giving them sample space to show off their best voice over styles. Powered by technology, Voyzapp ensures a seamless voice-over experience for the customer and the voice artist even in these times when both customers and artists are happy staying safe at home.

While it is important that voice artists lookout for the latest gigs and network, it is also essential to work smarter and explore options that can give them maximum benefit with bare minimum investment. Online voice-over agencies, like Voyzapp, are a great place for talents to help build their voice over a career as these are increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes who are looking for voice-over actors.

Through this contest, Voyzapp guarantees that the voice artists keep getting new projects to diversify their skills, while they record from anywhere and anytime!

About the Company:

Voyzapp is a leading voice over company in India offering professional voice over recording services through its vast network of voice actors. The platform hosts thousands of voice artists working in multiple languages and categories and enhances the productivity and efficiency for voice recording services. This ‘voice-over marketplace’ helps to search for your preferred voice, listen to voice demos, review the artists’ profile, compare prices and delivery times, and hire artists instantly and at affordable prices. For experienced voice talents as well as budding artists who wish to venture into the voice-over world, Voyzapp provides the opportunity to depict their voice talent on a global stage.   




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