Best Educational Apps For Students 2021

The eLearning era has made students switch to apps for learning support. Developers have come up with ideas that will help students learn better and understand the concepts. These ideas include apps that have online recordings, live sessions with the experts, interactive videos, quizzes, assessments, evaluation, and anything that is needed to get the best of learning.

But there are so many apps available for students that you will be confused about which app to choose and which not. So we have made the search easy for you. We have listed the best educational apps with their features that distinguish them from the others. So read through and decide for yourself, which one suits you the best.

These apps have not only simplified the learning process but have even simplified processes for the teachers. Teachers can assign homework, make announcements, post reminders, and keep the schedule in check. The burden of other tasks that have been on teachers has been lowered significantly. These apps have high security thus your data is also safe. Students and teachers just have to study and input their schedules, the rest of the things are handled by the app.

And, now that you can get your online assignments for money with the assistance of the best writers in the respective fields, you do not have to worry about your writing work, and can simply enjoy working on these apps more and more.

So, here is a list of the best educational apps for students in 2021.


This app indefinitely simplifies the work of teachers and gets creative for the students. Teachers can create puzzles and games according to their subjects and get the students working on them. Students can even create their own games and puzzles which brings them in getting a new feature of the app.

For every quiz, they create or play they are sure to get something exciting. The teacher can make use of this feature and organize interactive games for the students.

Google Classroom

Google classroom made sure that the education system did not get stagnant in the pandemic. Google updated their classroom apps and made them ready for online learning. Teachers found it very easy to use the features and take online classes.

Teachers can create different classrooms for different subjects, assign homework and even give their private comments. Similarly, students have to log in with their Google account, and their entire work gets displayed. They can even see their classmates and teachers, hand-in their submissions and check the teachers’ comments.

This app allows the student to post their assignments in a variety of formats. They can easily post videos and photos. Google classroom compresses the videos and photos in a size that assures that the quality is not lost.


This app is great for determining a students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students have to answer quizzes and the result is given immediately. Teachers can customize the difficulty level of students’ quizzes and thus test them better. This app has true/false questions which makes it easy to determine the understanding level of the students. The app also allows for enable Google integrations for further personalization.

Post the answers, the teacher can create progress reports in the app based on the students’ understanding!

To conclude,

With the sudden need for online learning, many apps have updated themselves to be in the race for being the best app. But the best apps are the ones that provide a seamless learning feature. The app should be easy for the teachers to use and interactive for the students to maintain their interests. This educational transition from traditional to digital was the need of the hour, thanks to the variety of educational apps available.











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