India is known worldwide for numerous things like quality of education, spices, some beautiful destinations to visit, flora and fauna, and the versatile weather conditions. It is no surprise that India tops everyone’s list of tourism and favorite travel destinations.

With cultural heritage, ancient architecture, numerous gourmet delicacies throughout the country, and tiger national park in india, it is surely one of the best places to visit and have a rich cultural experience of a lifetime.

Here is a list of places to visit and things to do when visiting the Indian subcontinent:


India is one of the most spiritual lands in the whole world. It has the richest ancient history of spiritual knowledge and culture.

This is seen even today in the country as there are various ashrams and monasteries that are situated in the hills or outside the cities to help one gain insight into the spiritual realm and become one with the divine.

Many people from around the world come to India to spend days in an ashram or a monastery, getting involved in ancient spiritual practices, worshipping, and yoga techniques while doing daily chores in the ashram.


India has versatile weather, more than any other country in the whole world. This makes it a great place for a variety of animals and plants to thrive over here. Many animals and birds are only found in India while some others can be found in other countries as well.

If visiting India, one must make sure to go for a tiger safari, take a tour with the local guides, and spot various wild animals including the majestic tigers and lions. This is surely one of the most breathtaking sights, to see wild animals in all their glory and at their best in their natural habitat.

Some sanctuaries famous for their tiger safari tours are in Ranthambore national park, Bandhavgarh national park, Kanha national park, Jim Corbett national park, and Pench national park around various times of the year.


India has been invaded by a number of invaders from various cultures and backgrounds in the past. The invaders and the rulers built various monuments and architecture in India that are a sight to indulge in.

India also has some monuments that are one of the seven wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal in Agra built by the famous Shah Jahan. The other monuments and heritage architecture to visit in India are Khajuraho, The red fort, Qutub Minar, Char Minar, India Gate, and Ajanta caves.

The other places to visit for scenic beauty in India are Kashmir, Meghalaya, Kerala, Udaipur, and Madhya Pradesh.


India has a rich variety of cultures and languages that people follow in different regions around the country. Many cultures are known for their special handicrafts and fabrics that are known throughout the world for its quality.

There are various local markets and shops on Indian streets. One can find all the famous works and fabrics in local shops.

One must make sure to check out Pashmina shawls in Kashmir, Chikan embroidery fabrics and clothes in Lucknow, Banarasi silk sarees in Benaras, tie and dye clothes in Jaipur and Rajasthan, phulkari dupattas in Punjab, bangles, and handicrafts for decoration in Jaipur and also hand made chocolates in Kerala.


Since India has a versatile culture and regional diversities, it is also seen in the food that people eat in different regions of India. Mostly these regional delicacies depend on the food and the crops that are found in those regions but some of the Indian dishes are known worldwide for their taste.

One must make sure to eat Bajra chapatis and dal bati in Rajasthan, fish curry in Bengal, Pani puri in Delhi, Bati chokha in Bihar, Dosa in Mysore and Bangalore, Vada pav in Mumbai, Aloo parathas with lassi in Punjab, and other regional delicacies in Kerala, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, and Orissa.


Apart from ashrams and monasteries, India also has numerous temples around the country that are visited by millions of worshippers and followers throughout the year or during special seasons. These temples are known to be powerful consecrated spaces that can bring peace and calmness to the followers.

Some famous temples to be visited in India are Vaishnodevi, Kedarnath temple, Meenakshi Amman temple, Golden temple, Sri Venkateswara temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple, Amarnath cave and temple, and Badrinath temple.



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