Biden hosts Macron amid friction over US climate law

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron are celebrating the long relationship between the United States and France, but these are friends with differences. The French president is taking advantage of his visit to Washington to harshly criticize aspects of the climate law signed by the US president as bad business for Europe.

Biden is ready to honor Macron with the first state dinner of his presidency Thursday night. First, the two leaders will sit in the Oval Office for morning talks that officials on both sides said were expected to focus largely on the leaders’ efforts to stick together in their response to Russia’s war in Ukraine. and coordinate their approach towards an assertive China.

But ahead of Thursday’s meeting, Macron made clear that he and other European leaders remain deeply concerned about incentives in a sweeping new climate-related law that favors American-made climate technology, including electric vehicles.

Macron on Wednesday criticized the legislation, known as the Inflation Reduction Law, during a lunch with US lawmakers and again during a speech at the French embassy. The French president said that while the Biden administration’s efforts to curb climate change should be applauded, the subsidies would be a huge setback for European companies.

“The elections that have been made… are elections that will fragment the West,” Macron said at the French embassy. He added that the legislation “creates such differences between the United States of America and Europe, that everyone who works in many companies (in the US. The Atlantic. ‘”

Separately, at lunch with members of congress from both parties, along with business leaders and diplomats, Macron said major industrialized nations must do more to tackle climate change and promote biodiversity.

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