Binance Spreads Holiday Cheer With A Themed Gift Card And Secret Santa Events

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, is spreading the holiday cheer with holiday events and promotions. Last year, Binance introduced its popular gift cards, which allow users to gift cryptocurrency in a unique and non-traditional way. These gift cards have seen significant demand, with more than 1.8 million traded between July 2021 and October 2022.

This year, Binance expanded its gift card selection to include more than 238 unique Christmas-themed designs. In addition to the festivities, the platform is hosting a series of promotional events, including Mystery Boxes and a Secret Santa promotion with over $70,000 in rewards.

The Secret Santa promotion will end on December 28 and will give away 36,000 “New User Exclusive (NUE) Gift Cards” to new users worth up to $5. Recipients will be randomly selected: 6,000 new users will receive $5 each, 10,000 users will receive $2 each, and 20,000 users will receive $1 each. Users can claim their winnings on the Binance app or website, and to redeem the gift cards, recipients need to access the platform’s official gift card website.

The Secret Santa promotion will be joined by a Mystery Box event that will take place from December 19 to 25. During this event, each Binance Gift Card will include a Mystery Box with random rewards. Users can purchase a Mystery Box for $1 for a chance to multiply the value of their participation fee. Once the event ends, users will be able to claim their respective rewards from Mystery Boxes.

The grand prize in the Mystery Box event on Binance is $2,000, with second and third place winners receiving $1,500 and $500, respectively. However, in the spirit of giving, Binance will allow users to recoup their participation cost (entry fee) by opening the Mystery Box within the specified time period and participating in other seasonal events throughout December.

Binance Gift Cards can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes, making them a popular option for users. Apart from the featured layouts and themes, the platform allows users to create their own unique and multiple cards through its easy-to-use platform. To send a gift card, users can customize it, enter the desired amount, and complete the 2FA process. Once the funds are deducted from their Binance wallet, users can send the gift card via text, email, or directly to the recipient’s Binance wallet.

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