Border states brace for end of Title 42 –

(NewsNation) — Washington does not have an immediate solution to the crisis on the southern border, and with Title 42 set to expire in a matter of days, it is likely to get worse.

Title 42, the COVID-19-era policy that has prevented hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking asylum in the US in recent years, is set to expire on Wednesday.

“We at all levels of government are doing everything we can to prevent people from entering the country illegally,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said. “Or we turn them away, arrest them and put them behind bars.”

Abbott says resources to handle the influx of immigrants are drying up.

According to the Dallas Morning News

Texas has spent an estimated $4 billion increasing border enforcement on “Operation Lone Star” since last year.

“If the courts aren’t going to step in and stop the removal of Title 42,” Abbott said. “It’s going to be total chaos.”

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