‘Capturing the murderous nurse’: Charles Cullen had to be gagged with duct tape during his sentence because he would not stop singing

the recent Netflix to show the good nurse tells the true crime story of Charles Cullen, who killed dozens and maybe even hundreds of patients during his years in healthcare. But although the tv show can paint a disconcerting picture of a cold-blooded killer, the the real story may be even stranger. Cullen clearly showed that he didn’t care about the people he affected, even when he was on trial.

How ‘Nurse Killer’ Charles Cullen Was Finally Caught

Although Cullen has confessed to about 40 murders, only 29 of them have been confirmed. Even more chilling is that authorities have estimated that he may have killed more than 300 people. According to NBC New York, Cullen was able to cover up his crimes at his job as a nurse. He injected drugs, usually digoxin or insulin, into patients’ IV bags. Since no one knew that he had done this, they did not know what caused his sudden deaths.

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