Flavan-3-Ols can drastically reduce your heart disease & Diabetes risk: Here’s how to eat more of them

Flavan-3-ols are naturally occurring plant compounds commonly found in foods and beverages such as apples, berries, cocoa, red wine, and tea. Although they are not essential in your diet, research shows that they can help promote and maintain good health. During the fall of 2022, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) published new clinical … Read more

The Worst Breakfast Habits for Inflammation, Dietitians Say

Inflammation is a complicated medical condition. On the one hand, it is a necessary process that our body needs to heal from an injury, which is known as acute inflammation. On the other hand, chronic inflammation can lead to serious health problems and disease if left untreated. Causes of chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, exposure to … Read more

How this new cookbook can help you live a longer life

Product recommendations in this publication are recommendations of the writer and/or expert(s)interviewed and do not contain affiliate links. Meaning: If you use these links to buysomething, we are not going to earn a commission. Longevity is an issue that deeply concerns many people, especially in a country like the United States, where heart disease, diabetes, … Read more