5 foods to avoid during pregnancy

5 foods to avoid during pregnancy as soon asa woman discovers that she is pregnant, there is an awareness that she is no longer taking care of only herself. This means that she needs to avoid anything that puts her and her baby at risk. With this in mind, here are five foods women should … Read more

What is the best diet to avoid metabolic syndrome?

Your doctor may never use the term metabolic syndrome, but you can still have this dangerous group of health problems. Here’s a hint: Do you have three or more of these? high blood sugar high blood pressure High triglycerides (a fat in the blood) Low HDL (good) cholesterol A large waist (40+ inches for men; … Read more

Five Health Benefits of Melon Seeds (Egusi)

Five Health Benefits of Melon Seeds (Egusi) Cantaloupe seeds, which are locally called egussi, come from the bitter apple fruit. Egusi is a staple in Nigeria and other West African countries used for soup or stew. Nigerians grind egusi seeds before cooking them with green leafy vegetables, meat, palm oil, herbs, and seasonings to form … Read more