‘Chicago Fire’: Carver gets in trouble, a familiar face returns and the team is in danger

chicago fire Season 11 Episode 9 is here after a long break. the chicago fire late autumn It was action packed and had a huge cliffhanger at the end. Here’s a look at what happened to Severide, Stella, Herrmann, and the rest of the crew.

Stella and Severide discuss how to help Detective Pryma

Jake Lockett | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC via Getty Images

chicago fire Season 11 episode 9 (titled “Nemesis”) opens with Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) lying in bed. She approaches Severide (played by taylor kinney) but realizes that he is not with her. When Kidd looks at the alarm clock, he sees that it’s almost 4 in the morning. Severide can’t sleep because he is worried about the Martucci case.

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