China’s new COVID nightmare may turn into a “global catastrophe” Code List

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Sputnik/Reuters)

The unbridled wave of infections that is hitting China could become a nightmare not only for the Asian giant and the Xi Jinping regime, but for the entire world, the newspaper warned. the washington post in a column on his editorial board.

The text published this Tuesday pointed out that “the absence of a coherent withdrawal strategy” for the end of the “covid zero” policy represents a threat to the Chinese population, to its economy and also to the leadership of the Communist Party.

But it also points out that a new crisis “could shake the whole world” with its repercussions at the epidemiological level.

“As the Wuhan outbreak three years ago demonstrated, what starts in China does not necessarily stay there,” the editorial board recalled.

In the first two years of the pandemic, new variants of the originally identified strain were detected, especially as giant pockets of infection formed.

One danger is that the China outbreak spawns new variants that threaten the rest of the world.. It’s impossible to predict, but earlier variants with a transmission advantage have spread rather quickly. Millions of infections in China increase the chances of a new variant emerging.”warns the to post.

Beijing subway passengers (Reuters / file)
Beijing subway passengers (Reuters / file)

If the world was hit by Alpha, Delta, and Omicron, among others, a more dangerous or contagious mutation may be on the way that evades vaccines developed to date. The greater the contagion, the more possibilities of changes in the genetic code of the virus.

The outlook in China is not encouraging. The regime lifted restrictions in the face of historic protests reflecting discontent with continued lockdowns, but this led to larger outbreaks.

Now, it seems to be quite out of control.. A wave of Omicron infections is sweeping Beijing and could soon affect the rest of China,” said the Post, anticipating that “difficult days lie ahead for China.”

The country’s immunological situation is not the most optimal to face the onslaught of the virus. Among those over 60, only 69% have received the booster shot, and the percentage is even lower among those over 80, leaving the rest vulnerable to new variants.

Furthermore, “China has recklessly renounced effective mRNA vaccines in favor of less effective vaccines” manufactured domestically, the editorial added.

Thus, the force of the protests that broke out at the end of November can return with new demands. “The protesters’ anger could easily return if the situation deteriorates and people lose more faith.”concluded the to post.

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