Christmas rush: postmen ready for influx of mail –

(NewsNation) — Says the US Postal Service (USPS) added thousands of seasonal signingshundreds of new package processing machines and even leased additional space to handle a significant increase in packages this holiday season.

“For the last two years, we had the pandemic, so a lot of people had been shopping online. So this year, we have those people shopping online, plus we have customers coming into retail stores and shipping with us,” USPS Debbie Fetterly said on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” Monday.

adds to 60 million packages that can be shipped every day.

Other companies are also working to keep up with the growing demand for vacations. In New York, FedEx launched electric carsallowing sleek four-wheeled electric carts to drop off packages instead of delivery trucks sitting idly along a sidewalk.

According to the company, the innovation makes deliveries more efficient and saves the general public time in traffic.

The technology is also just in time, as holiday shipments have not slowed down due to a steady pace in holiday shopping.

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