Company rewards Ibadan merchants for sorting waste to facilitate recycling

Some traders in Bodija market, Ibadan, Oyo State, have been rewarded for segregating their waste for easy recycling.

Oyo State government waste management consultant Mottainai Recycling handed out gift items such as Bluetooth headsets, personalized simple chest bags and personalized face caps to recipients on Friday through an initiative known as Recyclables for rewards.

In the campaign, in its third year, two tons of recyclables were recovered by the company, which manages waste collection in the state.

Mottainai Recycling CEO Mr. Adey Adewuyi sensitized traders, buyers and passersby in and around Bodija market on how the waste they generate can be a source of wealth.

Mr. Adewuyi, represented by the company’s Director of Sustainability, Ms. Deborah Fadeyi, urged merchants to adopt proper waste disposal and management habits, such as segregating their waste at source.

In addition, he encouraged them to avoid littering in the median, warning that those caught making a mistake would be fined and punished according to the law.

Likewise, the Special Adviser to the Governor Seyi Makinde on Environmental Affairs, Mr. Ademola Aderinto, explained that the initiative aimed to raise awareness among merchants and residents to segregate their waste at the source and recover the largest amount of plastic before it enters. to bodies of water and landfills. .

He said the event showcases the economic and social benefits of recycling, adding that “the event aims to make the good people of Oyo State see the value of what they consider waste.”

“Otherwise, this waste would have ended up in landfills and bodies of water, which will contribute to the pollution of the environment,” he added.

Mr. Aderinto discouraged the act of dumping waste in the median by market men and women and also encouraged them to sort their waste to facilitate the act of recycling, noting that the government will do more to eradicate the problem of improper disposal and handling of waste. in the state.

“An adequate and effective awareness campaign was also carried out in the market about the need for proper waste management. They were also informed about the economic benefits of recycling instead of allowing their recyclable materials to end up in medians, bodies of water, or landfills,” he said.

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