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The Government’s decision to acquire a new fleet of combat aircraft unleashed a strong political controversy in the country and Questions against President Gustavo Petro not only come from his opponents, but also from the Historical Pact.

The president of Congress himself, Roy Barreras, has said that the young people did not march for war planes but for justice and social inclusion. “I know the limitations of our air fleet, but the new and positive international conditions, after the reestablishment of relations with Venezuela, postpone that urgency.”

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In this sense, the senator of the Polo Iván Cepeda opined, who said that he rejects “in principle the use of weapons, their production and purchase. I have always opposed that and will continue to do so. Even the son of the President, the deputy for Atlántico Nicolás Petro, rejected the situation. “I do not agree with the purchase of combat aircraft. Everything for peace, nothing for war,” he stated.

On the other hand, it was questioned whether the money to acquire the fleet would come out of the tributary. “The tax reform to pay for planes?” asked the representative of the Green Alliance, Katherine Miranda, and assured “that we are wrong here.” However, Given these statements, the head of state clarified that “not one peso of the tax reform or social investment in combat aircraft will be spent.”

Rafale fighter plane, manufactured by Dassault Aviation.


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In addition, Petro is not forgiven for rejecting the purchase of these aircraft by then-President Iván Duque during the campaign. “The purchase of airplanes in the midst of a crisis like the one we are experiencing is the highest degree of irresponsibility of a ruler. I do not understand a country that can applaud the fact that resources are not used to save lives and instead instruments are used to bomb children, ”he trilled on March 16, in the middle of the campaign.

Then, on June 22, already as president-elect, he warned that “Each plane that is purchased for public institutions in these weeks is sold again. I ask President Duque to suspend these purchases.”

That is why Senator David Luna, from Cambio Radical, asserted that the campaign of today’s head of state was a liar and that his government is also a liar. “Now he says otherwise, at that time he just wanted to convince the unwary.”

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Likewise, from the opposition they claim Petro that, according to them, when Duque was going to buy the planes they were worth less and now they would have raised their price.
“The planes that Duque was going to buy cost 14,000 million dollars. The planes that Petro is going to buy cost 22,000 million dollars. Meanwhile, Bolívar, Pizarro, Racero and the other courtiers are silent. Liars and opportunists”, commented the senator for the Democratic Center Miguel Uribe Turbay.

The president of Congress clarified that the purchase of aircraft does not go through the Legislative Assembly. “Congress doesn’t have to approve that purchase. It is the executive’s decision. It is a decision of the Ministers of Finance and Defense and the President of the Republic, ”he explained.


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