Cowboys’ Jerry Jones questioned about 1957 North Little Rock photo –

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (kark) – Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones faced questions over a photo capturing him in a group of white students who appeared to block a group of black students at North Little Rock High School in 1957.

The photograph was taken by an Associated Press photojournalist the same year federal troops were deployed to Little Rock Central High School.

Jones, a native of Arkansas, was a teenager and a sophomore at North Little Rock High School.

the washington post posted a story on Wednesday with the photo, prompting questions from reporters after Jones’ Cowboys won against the New York Giants on Thanksgiving.

“Look, that was 65 years ago, and when I got there I had no idea what we were doing,” said Jones, now 80. “That was, my God, 65 years ago, a curious child.”

Defiant white students at Arkansas’ North Little Rock High School block the school gates, denying access to six African-American students enrolled in the school on September 9, 1957. Moments later, the African-American students were pushed down a flight of stairs and on the sidewalk, where city police broke up the altercation. (AP Photo/William P. Straeter)

Jones said she showed up to see what was going on, not to participate in the growing crowd.

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