Dagomba men are evil, jealous and very stingy: Habiba Sinare’s direct brother supports his sister

A beautiful lady, who is the direct sister of Habiba Bassit Sinare, Amina Bassit has endorsed actress Habiba Sinare saying that the actress is not wrong as she knows that Dagomba men are jealous and very stingy.

According to Amina Bassit, Dagomba men are not only stingy and jealous, but they are also evil. She did not add her experience that warranted such a sweeping statement in support of her sister Habiba Sinare.

His reaction comes after Ghanaian actress Habiba Sinare said it’s hard to deal with people from the northern part of the country after her marriage collapsed. According to the actress, her claim is based on her marital experience with her ex-husband, former Black Stars player, Abdul Majeed Waris. Speaking on a yet-to-air episode of ‘Just Being Us’ hosted by MzGee, Ella Habiba Sinare revealed that she was made to suffer at the hands of her compatriots and has since decided never to marry a Northerner again.

Among other things, she said that her in-laws sometimes subjected her to difficult circumstances and inhibited her from living freely.

Amina Abdul Bassit said that she supports Habiba Sinare.

She wrote: “Ooooo Suraiya Gomda your post says how envious you are… Madam what is your problem omg? she told nothing but the truth, Dogomba men are evil, jealous and stingy… Madam mai Hasada, please don’t bring out her frustrations on her and let her shine in peace”.

However, he was advised to stop generalizing as it was unhealthy.

“Amina Abdul Bassit, I think the best way you could put it was ‘the few Dogomba men I’ve ever dated or married are such…it’s very wrong of you to generalize it.’

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