Daniel Küblböck Grönland: Are you living as a woman in Greenland?

Update from Daniel Küblböck Grönland: 4 years ago, the news of the disappearance of Daniel Küblböck shocked his fans. Many people lost hope after searching a lot for Daniel Küblböck. But, his family and fans were hoping to see Daniel Küblböck again. And now there is a sign that he could be living as a woman in Greenland?

An image raised doubts among fans about the existence of Daniel Küblböck in Grönland

One of the images came from Greenland, which is not an ordinary image. In the picture, the brown-haired woman in a puffer jacket and jean skirt looks like a look with Daniel Küblböck. Fans are pretty sure that the person ios Daniel Küblböck lives as a woman in Grönland.

When Daniel Küblböck disappeared, his ex-boyfriend Robin Gasser also emphasized saying: “I imagine he lives somewhere as a woman. In any case, that’s a very realistic approach, because that’s what he wanted.

Even a former assistant of his wanted him declared dead. But, Daniel’s family always opposed his assistant for declaring dead. Even after the court declared him dead, his family and fans never believed that he was actually dead. Perhaps they were aware of his son’s choices to live a happy life as a woman in Greenland?

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