Daniel Radcliffe once compared himself to Homer Simpson and it has nothing to do with his drinking

Daniel Radcliffe‘s history of alcoholism is not a secret. so when Harry Potter fans hear that the actor once compared himself to Homer Simpson, it’s natural for their minds to think it’s because The Simpsons the character drinks a lot. By contrast, Radcliffe’s correlation to the character is for another reason entirely.

Daniel Radcliff at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Brooklyn | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for the Roku Channel

Daniel Radcliffe’s former fondness for drinking

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons patriarch, is known for his outrageous burping and his love of Duff beer. Radcliffe also previously had a love for alcohol. After rising to fame as “The Boy Who Lived” on the Harry Potter Films, Radcliffe turned to alcohol.

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