Defining Transactional Email and What It Can Do For Your Business

Transactional emails are automated correspondences triggered by customer interactions with your business and other events. Unlike promotional and other marketing emails sent to multiple recipients with similar marketing campaigns, transactional email is sent with a personalized message and sent individually. 

Online correspondences like password reset, account updates, coupons, email receipts, and order confirmation account for the types of transactional emails you usually provide to your customers.

These “triggered” communication messages are purposely delivered as part of a marketing strategy to promote your brand and provide customers with the right information. Transactional emails also help with your business’ marketing needs through the reactivation of inactive users, recovery of abandoned carts, and functional information provision.

Boost Customer Engagement with Transactional Emails

One thing that sets this type of correspondence apart from marketing emails is its ability to enhance customer engagement. Transactional emails contain information explicitly related to a customer’s account and are often customized based on their needs.

One good example of a transactional email is the messages you get when logging to your email from a different device. The email provider’s system automatically sends you information that someone is trying to access your account. 

Additionally, transaction emails are a better way of promoting your brand through account updates. It makes your business reliable in terms of communications, ensuring that your customers are happy with their service.   

Online stores also use transactional email to remind customers about unfulfilled purchases. A friendly reminder about a customer’s possible purchase is one effective strategy of decreasing cart abandonment. Unlike marketing emails where the message is aggressive, transactional emails are subtly worded and sound friendlier.

Build Trust by Making Your Customers Feel Safe

When it comes to a business partnership, finding common ground always helps to create lasting patronage. Providing your customers with updates about their accounts and various other information relating to their statements or records can empower experience.

Always remember that customers always feel safe when a company takes extra effort in providing them with critical business transaction information. Transactional emails are not just good at providing updates, but hey can also be used to alleviate questions and clarify concerns.

Such a business strategy delivers the right results every time. Not only are you provided with critical business information, but you also get the respect, trust, and confidence of your patrons.

Transactional Emails Work towards Better Brand Recognition   

Recent statistics indicate that over 98% of people sift through their transactional emails regularly compared to 20% of regular emails. By working to provide a better service to your customers, you are also hitting several metrics with one strategic marketing technique. 

New customers may not remember your company after completing one transaction. But providing them with an after-sales email confirmation is a far better approach. When the transactional email arrives with your brand and logo, customers become more appreciative and feel valued for their business. 

By sending these customized letters to your customers, you are creating an intimate way of promoting brand awareness to harness customer loyalty. Sending a transactional email creates the right kind of consciousness amongst new customers and allows your existing ones to get better business value. 

Avoid the Pitfalls of Traditional Email Marketing

Direct marketing and marketing emails do not have the same impact as transactional correspondences because they do not offer the same value and dramatic effect. People who get promotional campaigns from various companies do not bother opening them.

However, offering your customers a correspondence directly relating to their recent activity or purchase creates the tangible effects often felt through repeat purchases or membership renewals. 

It removes the disadvantages of intrusive campaigns, poorly designed emails that are not delivered, spamming, and emails directly sent to the junk folder because of perceived marketing gimmicks.

Transactional emails are important elements of today’s e-commerce and service websites because it gathers all the right advantages your business needs. Besides addressing customer needs, it also helps you determine behavioral triggers that can be used to make better business decisions.


Driving business success comes from exploring all avenues to reach your audiences. Moreover, appealing to their needs and eventual satisfaction is only achieved by delivering the right message. 

Transactional emails are agile tools that help deliver value and keep your customers on the loop. Keeping them informed and updated about their purchases and memberships drive away dissatisfaction contributing to revenue loss. 



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