Dina Boluarte revealed that Pedro Castillo was “cornered by six people in the last stretch of his government” Code List

President Dina Boluarte Zegarra He called on citizens to calm down to avoid more violent confrontations during the mobilizations that have been taking place in different regions of the country.

In statements to the press, the president referred to the former president pedro castleand expressed his dismay at the moment he is going through while he is detained at the headquarters of the Diroes in Ate.

Bolaurte Zegarra expressed that he accompanied Pedro Castillo “as far as he could” so that he does not make mistakes, however, in the last stretch of his government he was prevented from approaching the former head of state because “He was cornered by six people.”

“They did not let the vice president get close to continue accompanying and advising the president. It is at that moment that she has made this decision (closing of Congress) that many of us did not understand, nor did we know about, ”she said.

He even revealed that when the message to the Nation was disseminated in which Pedro Castillo ordered the closure of Congress and the restructuring of the judicial system, he felt at risk. “The Wednesday that the coup d’état was known I almost ran out of my house to save my life,” he declared.

The Head of State specified that, together with other ministers, she noticed how Pedro Castillo remained surrounded by the now ex-ministers Roberto Sánchez, Alejandro Salas, Felix Chero, Betssy Chávez and Aníbal Torres.

He even expressed that The question of trust that Aníbal Torres presented took him by surprise and indicated that he did not agree with that measure and therefore did not sign the minutes. “I realized that it had no constitutional basis,” he added.

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About the qualifiers of “usurper” that he received from former President Castillo, in a letter he wrote from prison, He said believe that they are not his words.

“I know him. We have spoken several times, we have hugged and sometimes cried for the situations that arose. I do not think they are his words,” he asserted and expressed that Castillo Terrones would continue to be used and manipulated.

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“What was recently said by a usurper, is nothing more than the same snot and drool of the coup right. Therefore, the people should not fall for their dirty game of new elections. Enough of abuse! Constituent Assembly now! Immediate freedom!” wrote Pedro Castillo in a letter that was broadcast in the media.

In addition, the Head of State indicated that the person responsible for the current situation in the country is the former prime minister. Betsy Chavez. “She has to answer for this political crisis that she has generated,” he said.


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