‘Disenchanted’: Idina Menzel can finally sing a song in the sequel to ‘Enchanted’

Many of Hollywood’s top stars have long and storied histories with Disneyand fans were eagerly awaiting a sequel to delighted. The follow-up sees many original cast members, including patrick dempsey – repeat their roles. Returning cast members include amy adams, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel. For Menzel, the sequel disenchanted is particularly sweet because he finally gets a solo after his original was cut from delighted.

Disney’s ‘Enchanted’ was a huge success

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No one needs to sing the praises of Disney creatives to prove their widespread success, but some of their creations have a reach that surpasses the rest. That was the case with delighteda 2007 movie packed with talented stars and a mix of classic Disney fantasy with harsh reality.

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