DJ Stevie Splash, aka Steve Evans, dies: What was the cause of death?

Veteran Sheffield Wednesday day DJ Steve Evans, popularly known as Stevie Splash, died yesterday. Read on to find out how DJ Stevie Splash died, what happened to him, and what caused his death.

The heartbreaking news of his passing was confirmed by one of his close friends as tributes surfaced online for the man who once made game days entertaining for many fans.

Who was DJ Stevie Splash aka Steve Evans?

Steve Evans, better known as DJ Stevie Splash for his work on Sheffield’s Wednesday Day, was an English broadcaster and disc jockey. He was responsible for bringing energy to the matchday with the enthusiastic announcement of him in the stadium.

Football fans of the 1980s, especially those from Sheffield, will never forget his work. Later in life, Steve Evans opened the Sinatara nightclub in Sheffield and another called Charlie Parkers. He also managed other clubs at Wakefield and Bradford.

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DJ Stevie Splash is also credited for the 1984 Sheffield Wednesday song “We Are The Owls”. The song was the main reason why the man who used to play soccer in Spain and work there became known as a DJ for life.

How did DJ Stevie Splash die?

DJ Stevie Splash, also known as Steve Evans, died on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. His age at the time of his death is not available at this time. The unfortunate news of the death of Steve Evans was announced by his very close friend and former colleague Paul Brunt on Facebook.

“RIP to a special friend. Steve Evans aka the ex Stevie Splash DJ on Sheffield Wednesday game days in the 80’s,” Paul wrote in a heartbreaking post with a series of photos of Steve.

“RIP Steve, you were a true legend back in the day,” Paul wrote at the conclusion of the post.

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DJ Stevie Splash dead: What was the cause of death?

DJ Stevie Splash reportedly passed away at his home earlier this week. The exact circumstances surrounding his death are not known at this time. The specific cause of death for Steve Evans, popular as DJ Stevie Splash, was also not released.

We are trying to contact people close to Steve to gather more information about his death. This section will be updated when we find any new details about the sad event that left many people in tears.

Tributes poured online for DJ Stevie Splash

Following the death of DJ Stevie Splash, fans and friends are paying tribute to the stadium announcer and mix artist on social media. Many hope clubs will acknowledge the passing of the man who once made games more interesting.

No one will forget Steve’s efforts to make game days more fun through his magical ad. Funeral arrangements are reportedly pending at this time along with an obituary for DJ Stevie Splash.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Steve Evans. May God rest in peace to the souls of the deceased and offer them the strength they need.

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