Don’t Rush To Stardom: Piesie Esther Advice For Upcoming Gospel Artistes

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel musician Piesie Esther has advised future gospel musicians not to rush to stardom, but to work hard and wait for God’s timing.

According to her, it must first be the desire of any evangelical artist to win souls for Jesus Christ and from there God will surely open more doors for such people.

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV monitored by MyNewsGh.comPiesie Esther observed, “Most upcoming gospel musicians are eager to be stars and fame, so they rush to fame and stardom without waiting for God’s timing.”

“It’s easy to call yourself a gospel musician, but how to last in the industry is not easy because some of us have been through many challenges to get to where we are now,” Piesie Esther recounted.

“I started producing music without a producer and it was not easy, but I believed in God that surely one day he will pave the way”

Piesie Esther continued: “It is with God’s help that he has sustained us through all these years. If the Lord has been grateful to me so far for the last 20 years. We started with a lot of people, but they couldn’t get to where we’ve gotten, but that’s not their wish, they just couldn’t find anyone to help them, so they got stuck along the way,” she explained.

“So, to be in the industry for 20 years, I thank God and I will say that Ebenezer the Lord has brought me this far,” he added.

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