Emma Stone’s dress bursts when she wins an Oscar – she makes a joke out of it

She takes it calmly and makes a joke. Just as Emma Stone won her second Oscar for Best Actress, the seam on the back of her dress burst.

Apparently overwhelmed by her emotions, the “Poor Things” star even commented on the robe mishap on stage: “I think it happened during “I’m just Ken”!” The hit from the film “Barbie,” which was previously played in the nominations for Best Original Song,

After her robe mishap, Stone quickly gets back on track: “Together, we can make something greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the wonderful thing about filmmaking. I share this award with everyone who was involved.”

Emma Stone wins second Oscar for Lead Actress

To leave, she lets the actresses on stage accompany her off the stage – her hand still placed on the tear in her dress.

This is Emma Stone’s second Oscar, following her award for La-La-Land in 2017. Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” dominated the evening with a total of seven awards, including best director and best film.

Oscar mishap for Emma Stone

“My dress is ruined,” Emma Stone announced, even turning around to prove it . She also immediately had a suspicion: “I think it happened with ‘I’m just Ken’. I’m pretty sure.” The song “I’m just Ken” from the “Barbie” film was previously performed by actor Ryan Gosling, which really carried Emma Stone away – to the chagrin of her dress.

John Cena is naked on the Oscar stage

But it wasn’t just Emma Stone who got the laughs that night. While most stars at the event want to stand out with their wardrobe, wrestler John Cena took a completely different approach and came on stage naked to, ironically, present the award in the costume design category.

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