Endorsing NDC, NPP Is Not Reason Enough To Avoid Our Movies: Kumawood Actor

Popular Kumawood actor Prince Acheampong, known in the film industry as Inchankota, has called on Ghanaians not to crucify celebrities, especially actors and actresses who endorse the country’s political parties.

Some Kumawood actors and actresses, who openly endorsed political parties in 2016 and 2020, claimed that they have been shelved because some producers are unwilling to use them for fear that Ghanaians will not see their films due to their political affiliation.

Kumawood actors and actresses’ endorsement of political parties, especially the two major political parties, has become common in every campaign season.

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV monitored by MyNewsGh.comInchankota stressed that “supporting is not a crime, so I will beg Ghanaians to watch our films, even if we support their opponents’ political parties.”

“Although some of the actors campaigned for NPP and NDC, they are not enemies because they understand politics,” he revealed.

“Agya Koo and some actors endorsed NPP, while Michael Afrane and others endorsed NDC, but when they meet, they eat together, they share ideas because they see themselves as friends and family, not political enemies,” Inchankota explained.

Inchankota added, “Mr Beautiful has been sidelined in the industry because he endorsed a certain political party. It’s not that Mr Beautiful isn’t a good actor, producers are afraid to use him in their movies because they’re afraid people won’t buy that movie.”

“Ghanaians need to understand politics because if someone supports a political party, that person should be marginalized even if they have talent”

“Any actor who supports a certain political party believes in the ideology and campaign promises of that political party, so we will understand the freedom of each and every one,” he added.

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