About Our Site

“We were honored to be selected.” – Dave Schneider, The Zambonis

“A great resource in these dark times of auto-tuned puppets!” – Mike Langlie, Twink

“One of the best pieces ever written on us.” – The Tiger Lillies

“I love what you do!” – Andrew W.K.

“Yall make we warm in da nay nay.” – Christeene

“Get yourself over to The Weirdest Band in the World website and have a random rummage round their joyous trove of jewels.” – The Rake & Herald

“Bloggers Andy and Jake write about bands both successful and obscure, whether metal, jazz, hip-hop, or whatever other genre, always with an unflagging appreciation for what makes these bands unique, and with none of the snark and jeering that often laces articles elsewhere about people doing weird things.” – Rahul Narain, Metafilter

“An appropriately named site.” – Brendan Francis Newnam, radio host

As heard on public radio’s The Dinner Party.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: So what’s this blog about, anyway?

A: It’s about bands that are weird. Weird bands, if you will. That about sums it up, really.

Q: What do you mean by “weird”?

A: “Weird” is a highly subjective term. It could mean anything from playing atonal noise on homemade instruments to singing in a made-up language to basing your entire band on a concept so obscure and/or stupid that no one gets it except you and your 10 fans. But those are just some of the more obvious examples; “weird” could be anything, really. It’s like what Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about pornography:  “I know it when I see it.”

Q: “The Residents”? “Little Women”? Those don’t sound very weird to me.

A: We’re talking about weird bands here…not weird band names, which are ultimately way less interesting and have been discussed extensively elsewhere. If you’re really into weird band names, knock yourself out and go check out this site. Or this one. You’re welcome.

Q: I know a really weird band that I don’t see listed here. Can I submit them?

A: Absolutely. Send us an email at weirdbands@gmail.com (unless you’re a publicist or label rep — see below) or post a comment on the Submit a Band page. We won’t post about every band you suggest (some of them may just not be weird enough), but we’re always on the lookout for more weirdness.

Q: I’m a music publicist and I love your site. Can I add you to my mailing list?

A: NO. No matter how much you love us, please do NOT add us to your mailing list. 99% of what you send us will be irrelevant and a waste of your time and ours.

Q: Why does The Weird List include popular bands like The Flaming Lips and Primus but leave out [Name Of Other Weird Band Everyone’s Already Heard Of]? What the hell is wrong with you people?

The list is a work in progress; we only add one new band to it every week (or so). If all we ever added were the obvious choices, that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? So we try to save the bigger names for special occasions. It keeps the kids coming back for more. And as an added bonus, it pisses off people like you.

Q: Are we talking only current bands? What about bands that no longer exist?

A: The present moment has no monopoly on weirdness. You can suggest bands from any era. Just tell us what made them weird.

Weirdly yours,

Andy & Jake

P.S. Our nifty double-neck guitar “W” logo was designed by Treiops Treyfid, who is awesome and a pretty big weirdo himself.

P.P.S. We try to come about all of our content through legitimate channels, but if you are a rights-holder to anything on our site that you believe shouldn’t be here, please let us know and we’ll take it down.

All written content on this site © Copyright 2009-2018 Weirdestbandintheworld.com. All rights reserved.


19 thoughts on “About Our Site

  1. Pierre Lavendel

    Just discovered your fantastic blog via a search for trash titans HGichT. You shine a light on so much unappreciated talent out there. Thank you for doing that!

  2. You guys are great. I was reading your Tool post (among many others) and cracking up. Don’t collapse into existential despair! It took me 9 years to discover this page, but i’m glad I did. Many people appreciate legitimately informative and clever blogs like yours. I found you looking for info on Stalaggh, so just know you’re getting the good (or I guess with Stalaggh, not so good) word out to the people! Keep it up!

    1. weirdestband

      On walkabout. Selling our souls to various devils and used car salesmen. In a deep coma. Slaves to the corporate grind. Tripping balls in the Amazon. Pick whichever one makes you happiest that we’re back.

  3. jspanglet

    Every now and then while wading through the infinite bullshit that is the internet I find something that makes it all worthwhile.

  4. TommyTopHat

    You know what would be cool? If somebody formed a band called The Weirdest Band in the World. All of their songs could be about other weird bands, or based on posts from this blog. Kind of meta, maybe.

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