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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is upon us and the hype surrounding it is just insane! The activities of EA Sports are not far behind in the celebration of the soccer contest either. They released the World Cup update and as of November 11, the World Cup promotion is taking place in the FIFA Final Squad mode. There is a lot of content planned for FUT, with the release of World Cup Path To Glory players, FUT 23 World Cup Heroes and many more.

In the midst of the World Cup content, EA Sports has released the SBC Base or Mid Icon Upgrade. Requires 3 squads.

Screenshot 1342
SBC resolution for high type

Workmanship 1: tall type

  • TOTW Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Ranking: Min 83
  • No. of players within the team: 11
Screenshot 1341
Resolution SBC for 85 ranked squad

Workforce 2: 85 Rated Squad

  • Squad Ranking: Min 85
  • No. of players within the team: 11
Screenshot 1340 1
Resolution SBC for 87 ranked squad

Workforce 3: 87 Rated Squad

  • Squad Ranking: Min 87
  • No. of players within the team: 11

Finish date: December 11, 2022
Estimated value: 260,000 FUT Cash

Screenshot 1344

Is the 87+ Base value or Mid Icon Improve SBC working?

The main dilemma regarding this 87+ Base or Mid Icon Enhance SBC is whether or not you’ll get an icon, as this isn’t a player’s choice which one you get to pick. When you manage to pack the Base or Mid version of Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane, Cantona, Ronaldinho, Gullit, Cruyff, Daglish and many others, it can be good for your FUT pool. However, in other circumstances, the value of your packaged icon may be less than the price of the SBC.

Screenshot 1346

The luck of my pack was not so good and I managed to take Mid Icon RB Javier Zanetti out of the pack with an 88 rating. The card is priced at around 300,000 FUT cash so I earned at least the price of my package.

Screenshot 1349
Screenshot 1350

The best thing about this card is its ease of use. You should use the card as RB, RWB, LB and even CM. I already had TOTW RB Joao Cancelo rated 89, so I converted the card to CM. Excessive/Excessive labor pricing can also be good.

Screenshot 1351
Screenshot 1352
Screenshot 1353

Cardboard is respectable if not to the extent of meta icons. I’ve been enjoying it as a CDM, and it’s worked out pretty well for me.

Screenshot 1348 1

Prices for 87+ Base or Mid Icon Enhance SBC are around 260k FUT cash, which isn’t too bad. So you can definitely try your luck. You can even do that SBC for three times. Tell us in the comments below what you bought of this 87+ Base or Medium Icon Upgrade SBC.

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