FIFA World Cup 2022: How much money will the World Cup winner win?

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar draws to a close, fans around the world are wondering what kind of prize awaits the winning team and its players. The total amount awarded to participating teams in the FIFA World Cup will be $440 million, an increase of $40 million over the 2018 tournament.

After winning the World Cup in 2018, France took home $38 million. Germany received $35 million in 2014 after defeating Argentina in the World Cup final.

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So how much money does each team make in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Every team competing in this year’s World Cup is guaranteed at least $9 million in prize money, with the payouts increasing as the tournament progresses. After the group stage, the teams that advanced to the round of 16 earned $13 million. Followed by $17 million per team in the quarterfinals. 3rd and 4th place will win $27 million and $25 million respectively.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Final represents $72 million of the total $440 million purse, with the winner receiving $42 million and the runner-up receiving $30 million.

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So, what amounts did the teams receive in this World Cup?

Qatar, Ecuador, Wales, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Belgium, GermanyCosta Rica, Serbia, Cameroon, Ghana and Uruguay are the teams that earned $9 million for their participation in the group stage.

United States, Senegal, Australia, Poland, SpainJapan, Switzerland and South Korea have earned $13 million for reaching the round of 16.

Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal and England have earned $17 million each for reaching the semi-final stage.

However, the amount of money each team member receives depends on how the team divides the prize money.

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