FIFA World Cup: countries with the most final appearances without winning

The World Cup is a nasty business. It is in your hands and it is not, one hand, a novice, and everything can change. He tears himself to reach the final of the FIFA World Cup and comes back without a trophy.

More than a couple of teams have reached the final of the FIFA World Cup and have never won. Scroll down to read who tops the list of countries with the most final appearances without winning

Croatia (1)

The underdogs of football history. The team that has defied it all. The Croats began their World Cup run in 1998 when they shocked the world by entering the semi-finals. In the semifinals they lost to France, the eventual winners.

Twenty years later, from a tight group, they joined France in the final. France again defeated the underdogs and won their third trophy.

In 2022, they reached the semifinals. They lost to Argentina in the semifinals 3-0.

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Sweden (1)

Sweden is one of the most successful teams in World Cup history. The Scandinavian nation has reached the top four on four occasions. The Swedes reached the final once, in 1958 when they lost to rivals Brazil, who won their first World Cup.

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The World Cup was the first to be held in a Nordic country. Sweden joined Group D. They defeated the USSR in the quarterfinals and West Germany in the semifinals. In the final, they lost 5-2.

Since then, the closest they have come to a final is in 1998. They lost to Brazil in the semifinals. However, they did secure a bronze medal by eliminating Bulgaria in the bronze medal match.

Czechoslovakia (2)

Czechoslovakia, once a famous gentleman in the countryside, is now defunct and split in two: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The team represented the country of Czechoslovakia until its dissolution in 1993.

The team has been the most powerful warrior in football for a long time. They won Euro 1974 and the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

The team reached the final for the first time in 1934. In the final, Italy lifted the cup for the first time by defeating the Czechoslovakians 2-1 after extra time.

The Czechoslovakians reached the final for the second time in 1962. They faced the same fate as in the first appearance when they went down to Brazil. The QFs never crossed again.

Hungary (2)

The Miracle of Bern | Credits: Guardian

The Magyars. The Hungarians have reached the final twice.

The Magyars, once beaten as the best in the world, reached their first final in 1938. In the heavily guarded Paris stadium, Italy triumphed over the Magyars to become the first team to win back-to-back trophies.

In 1954 West Germany, finalists for the first time, mercilessly defeated the Hungarians 3-2. The world congratulated the Germans and the Hungarians on the wonderful show of football throughout the tournament.

Then they lost the golden amulet. The Hungarians, in fact, have been absent from the World Cup for a record 22 years.

Netherlands (3)

The dutch. If there was one word to describe orange in the World Cup, it would be unfortunate. They have made the most final appearances without winning a single: 3.

They reached the final in consecutive years, in 1974 and 1978. Coincidentally, the Dutch lost on both occasions. And that against the nations of origin. In 1974 West Germany defeated them 2-1 and in 1978 Argentina 3-1.

The Dutch reached the final after years of waiting in 2010. The match, touted as one of the World Cup classics of all time, ended in a victory for La Roja. The Spanish defeated the Dutch with a shout from Andrés Iniesta.

They finished third in 2014, failed to qualify in 2018, and lost to eventual finalists Argentina in the quarterfinals in 2022.

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