Fire rips through shops in popular Ose main market in Onitsha

A fire early Saturday morning destroyed some shops in the popular Ose main market in Onitsha, Anambra state, and destroyed drums of chemicals that were in storage.

This comes just 3 weeks after fire ripped through 2 blocks of shops in the Kano Street section of Onitsha’s main market, destroying millions of Naira worth of goods.

The disclosure is contained in a statement signed by the Director/Fire Marshal of the Anambra Fire Service, Mr. Martin Agbili, where he said that firefighters who immediately deployed to the scene after a distress call, battled the fire. during the early hours of the morning. Saturday.

Although the cause of the fire incident has yet to be determined, Agbili said no lives were lost during the intense inferno.

The fire is prevented from spreading to other stores

The news continues after this announcement.

  • The statement reads, ”At approximately 1:02am on Saturday, the Anambra State Fire Service received a distress call about a fire outbreak at 4 Ajasa Street, Ose Main Market, Onitsha, where they sell chemicals.
  • “We immediately deployed our fire trucks and our fearless, always-ready firefighters to the scene of the fire. We quickly went into action, fighting the fire, controlling it, and fighting it to a stop.
  • “The cause of the fire was unknown as no one was there when it started. Although the fire destroyed about three stores, no lives were lost during the intense fire,” he said.
  • ”A lot was saved, as we prevented the fire from spreading to other stores around the incident site.
  • “It is important to know that we should always turn off our electrical and electronic devices, especially when they are not in use.
  • “We must also know that we are at the peak of the harmattan. Avoid everything that can cause a fire this season.”

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