Fire service warns against hoarding fuel and burning bushes

The Federal Fire Service has called on Nigerians to take precautionary measures to reduce the increasing level of fire outbreaks in the country.

FFS spokesman ACF Paul Abraham, who made this call while speaking in a phone interview with saturday punchexplained that the harmattan season was one of the main causes of the increased rate of fire incidents in November and December.

However, he identified fuel hoarding, illegal tapping and use of shoddy wiring materials, uncontrolled burning of bushes and sewage, the use of fireworks and holiday coups de grace as some of the acts that contributed to the fire outbreaks.

the punch reported that in December 2022 alone, around nine fire incidents were recorded in different states, destroying property owned by individuals and corporate agencies.

Although most of the cause of the fire is unknown, some were reportedly caused by electrical faults and gasoline tankers.

According to the FFS spokesperson, preventing the occurrence of fires is a safer and cheaper approach compared to fire suppression.

Abraham said: “Due to the dry nature of the harmattan season, which is characterized by dry grass, dry trees, dry weather, dry environment and fluctuating weather, fire is easily ignited because the three elements that generate (heat, oxygen and fuel) are readily available.

“When these three elements come together, fire is inevitable. It is called the triangle of fire. Based on our own statistics, we got ahead of ourselves, hence the early prevention campaign that we started”.

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