FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android

Document scanner apps are one of the must-have-go-to tools in today’s time. These apps fit into our devices and equip us to scan anything anywhere. While the Internet is flooding with tonnes of scanner apps, here we bring a PDF scanner app that will redefine your scanning experience.

FlashScan: Features, Reviews, And Everything You Would Want To Know

FlashScan is not just the app but a portable support system that eliminates time-consuming and tedious tasks like scanning, reading barcodes, extracting text from images, etc from your daily routine. Let’s explore the primary three functions of the app.


 FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android

FlashScan is a comprehensive scanning app that offers three distinct primary features. With multifunctional offerings, this app is quite renowned amongst professionals. Let’s decode the app’s anatomy and know more about its primary three functions.

Fastest Document Scanner App

FlashScan is the fastest document scanner app that scans all types of documents in a flash. It digitizes clear and sharp scans in no time.

                  Functions                         Usage
Digitizes all types of documents in a few seconds A go-to scanning solution for your daily needs
Allows you to select the area that you want to scan Generates clear and sharp scans just as we want
Provides Cropping We can choose the correct orientation for every scan
Offers post-scan filters Satisfies the unique needs of every document
FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android
FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android

Post-scan Editing Filters:

 Scanning becomes extraordinary when you take care of pre and post scanning procedures. Professional post-scan editing filters of FlashScan make it the best scanner app of 2020. 

          Filters                       Usage
Magic Color Adds Vibrant Visual effects
Gray Mode       Gives your documents a formal look
Black & White 1 Works well on images
Black  & white 2 Gives your text timeless effect

This Android PDF scanner app gives specialized treatment to every document with unique filters. A perfect blend of professional filters ( grey mode, black &white) and aesthetic filters(Magic color) makes FlashScan an extraordinary document scanner app.

B. Brilliant Image To Text Converter

FlashScan offers an accurate image to text conversion with its intuitive OCR tool. Users get the perfect text conversion and OCR also helps to translate extracted text. The extensive functions of OCR make FlashScan a brilliant image to pdf converter.

      Functions Of OCR   Usage
You can select the “camera” or “media” button to start scanning and text conversion You can choose your image  from the gallery or take an instant snapshot
It offers crop, select, zoom-in and zoom-out options  We can perfectly choose the image area for text conversion
The OCR helps you to translate extracted text from English to other languages We get instant translation without downloading any translation app
Offers save, share, rescan options We can rescan if the conversion is not satisfying along with easy save and share options.

C. Best QR/Barcode Scanner

FlashScan is one of the most accurate QR/Barcode scanner apps. Users can anytime scan codes and share them effortlessly. Also, this PDF scanner app offers the below-mentioned operations on scanned QR codes and Barcodes.

  1. Users can copy the codes to the clipboard.
  2. You can anytime share the scanned codes through the multiple supported apps.
  3. With the rescan button you can scan the same code or another code directly, without going to the previous screen.
  4. When scanned code is the plain text you get the option to search it on the web.
  5. You can directly open the website if the scanned code is a website or URL.

With FlashScan you can make your document scanning experience easy like never before. It is accurate and on the spot. We can sum up the scanning process in three simple steps. Scan-Save-Share!

However, this Android document scanner app offers many more functionalities. Let’s explore the value-added offerings of FlashScan.

Value-added Offerings Of FlashScan

FlashScan is the next-gen pro-scanner app that offers so much so that we do not require any additional scanning support after downloading FlashScan on the device. Here are the to-notch features of this app.

Top-notch Features Of FlashScan


Apart from three basic functionalities, FlashScan offers the below-mentioned features.

  • You can rename, share, save, copy, delete any files, and scanned documents.
  • Users can effortlessly move files and folders to and from any specific location.
  • Scan as many documents as you want to with FlashScan.
  • You can sort your documents by name and modification time.
  • Search documents by name.
  • Convert JPEG files into PDF formats.
  • Mark any frequently used documents as “Favorite” and keep it handy.
  • It offers watermark-free scans and with the premium version, you get ad-free scanning experience.
Not to mention, that all of these features are absolutely free! FlashScan is a free document scanner app for Android devices. Download the app to experience the most satisfactory scanning process. 

FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android
FlashScan (Scan to PDF): Best Document Scanner App For Android

Interface Of The FlashScan: The Most-user friendly PDF scanner App

Even the most brilliant app fails terribly if it has a complicated interface. Let’s dig deep and understand the interface of FlashScan.

  • A simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy navigation and straight-forward functionalities.
  • The home screen shows all the basic icons. 
  • Find more options by tapping on the three dots on the right-hand side corner.
  • Using FlashScan is so easy that even a child can scan documents with this app.

The Verdict

With 85+ genuine reviews on the Google Play Store, FlashScan celebrates its worthiness in the first month of product launch. This mobile document scanning app offers a number of advantages with impressive performance.

When an absolutely newbie app comes up with these many features, imagine how many more they are counting to add on! As developers are planning to come up with new exciting features to place the app in the global market. The current free version is more than enough for students and professionals. Download the FlashScan app and turn your cellphone into a professional scanner!


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