Forensic Sciences performs an autopsy and toxicological examination on Lalo Rodríguez | List of other codes

the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) The autopsy of the salsa singer Lalo Rodríguez, who was found dead yesterday, in the Residencial Sabana Abajo, in Carolina, was preparing to be carried out today.

This was confirmed to THE SPOKESPERSONthe agency’s press spokeswoman, Betsy Rivera.

Prosecutor Tania Salas de Jesús, who yesterday ordered the removal of the body and also requested a toxicological test.

Rivera added that the ICF has already conducted the required interviews with the artist’s family.

Members of the salsa community highlight Lalo Rodríguez as

The body of the voice of Come, eat me again, was identified by its handler, Francisco Perez Ramos.

In his last interview with THE SPOKESPERSONRodríguez shared the goal he had set for himself.

“I have set a goal for myself and it is that I am not going to end my life in disgrace,” he said in 2020.

The 10 most relevant topics in Lalo Rodríguez's career

At that time, the salsa singer was moving to Puerto Rico, he came from the state of Florida and wanted to continue with his orchestra and even write his memoirs, for which he already had a title: A life full of potholes, a successful life.

My health is very precarious. I am taking pills for depression and another to open the blood vessels, strengthen the muscles of the heart and calm the heart after small heart attacks that I am having. The doctor wanted to hospitalize me, but I didn’t want to, ”he then told this newspaper about his physical condition.

Lalo was 64 years old, of which he had dedicated half a century to music, consolidating himself as one of the main voices of salsa, with hits that transcended generations such as Máximo Chamorro, Tú no sabe querer and Sí, I lied to you, to name a few.

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