Former Twitter employee calls release of documents “corporate propaganda” –

(NewsNation) — Twitter’s internal communications post continued Friday, as journalist Matt Taibbi outlined staff discussions and decisions surrounding Donald Trump leading up to and during the Jan. 6, 2021 riots at the US Capitol. .

The documents appear to show company employees placing accounts on “blacklists” that limited their reach and visibility.

Melissa Ingle, a former senior data scientist at Twitter, called the documents “corporate propaganda” intended to make Elon Musk look good.

“Everything in these ‘Twitter files’ has been publicly discussed,” Ingle said on “CUOMO” on Friday night. “Between January 6-8, Mr. Trump tweeted 140 separate violations of our policies and procedures before we ended up banning him.”

Ingle clarified that Twitter would have prohibited anyone from saying what Trump was saying.

“When an account is that big, and of course when it’s the President of the United States, we can’t just prohibit them from using other policies and procedures that we would use for less important accounts. It becomes a political decision at that point,” Ingle said.

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