Four Reasons Why Carports Are Better Than Garages

A garage is a substantial addition to one’s home, but carports are great alternatives that offer even more benefits. Unknown to most, the concept of carports dates way back to 1909 but only became a common structure in the late 20th century. While garages offer better security and more storage space, many people still opt to build or buy carports due to the following reasons:


The most obvious advantage of carports over garages is the cost. In its simplest form, a carport is just a roof secured by four pillars – add three walls and a door, and then you have a garage. It would be an oversimplification to say that the price difference between the two is the cost of those three walls and one door. Carports need way less materials to construct in contrast to garages.

The most common materials used for carports are wood and metals such as steel and aluminium. The frame can be constructed from wood bars or steel poles, and the roofing may be as simple as a sheet of galvanized iron. The simplicity of the structure may raise durability issues, but it will depend entirely on the workmanship of the builder and the quality of materials.

Aesthetics and organization

While the carport is merely a torn-down garage, its minimalistic approach blends well with any home. A well-built carport will not only save you a few hundred dollars but also add a nice visual element to your residence. The lack of walls makes your house look bigger and creates a less congested view.

Outside, the only part of the garage you can see is the plain garage door, but when you open it, you’re welcomed by a dungeon full of clutter. With a little effort, you can transform your carport into a cohesive extension of your house. A carport will also force you to become more organized, so you won’t be able to stash your box of whatnots you forgot about.


Carports are mainly used for vehicle storage and protection, but using carports as patios has become a popular application. The shade provides not only protects objects underneath it from calamities, but it also blocks incoming sunlight, thus cooling your house. If your house is not big enough for a sizeable social gathering, your carport can also act as an extension of your living room. You won’t have a problem with the rain or sun ruining your weekend barbeque.

Instead of an indoor space, your carport would make an exceptional workspace for hobbies and crafts; it’s well ventilated, sufficiently lit, and much easier to move on. Other alternative uses would be pool enclosures, mechanic shops, and outdoor theatres. You’re virtually free to do anything with your carport.


Renovating garages is a difficult task. You’d have to empty it first, and then comes the problem of taking apart the walls. For carports, however, customization would be a walk in the park. You won’t have to deal with pesky wiring, dust and spiders.

If you don’t have access to power tools but love building, carports are still the better option. Prefabricated carports are now widely available in the market, and you’ll only need one afternoon to assemble one. Even better, most fabricators offer their clients the option to choose their preferred carports’ dimensions, material, and style.


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