In the earlier times, brassieres were regular underclothes for women to support their bust while they performed several activities. But today, a bra has several uses for women and comes in various styles, each serving a specific purpose. Women usually need various styles of bras in their closets to match the requirement of different dress designs. For instance, a tube dress requires a tube bra, as bras with straps might ruin the look of the dress. Another option in this scenario would be to wear a bra with transparent straps. While picking the right bra, women must wear bras according to their size as oversized or tighter bras could end up causing severe problems and discomfort. Sites selling lingerie have a bra size calculator that makes finding the appropriate cup size and bra size effortless for women. After determining their size, women can choose from various styles and designs that fit them to fill their wardrobes.


Basic bra styles categorise bras based on their construction or fundamental design. This construction is standard across bra types, and the design and coverage is the only difference. 

Wired Bras

Wired bras have an underwire at the bottom of the bra’s cups. The wires lift the bust slightly and provide a fuller look to the chest while wearing dresses. Wired bras come in several styles, but they all have a long wire running through the inside of the cup’s seam. While these bras are essential, women should refrain from wearing them too often.

Padded Bras

Padded bras come with padding in their cups and offer more shape to the bust while also covering nipple exposure. These bras come in varying styles and may also have underwires in their seams. They also come in various coverage styles and are ideal for t-shirts and casual wear.

Non-Wired and Non-Padded Bras

Non-wired bras are regular bras that don’t have an underwire in their seams or cups and offer lesser support to the bust. These bras may or may not have padding and are ideal for regular use. They come in varying coverages, but without padding, they may not be suitable for thin materials.

Full Cups

Full cups offer maximum coverage to the bust and support them while providing shape. These bras come in various styles and are the most common type of bra cup. Women should be sure to buy the appropriate cup size using the bra size calculator, as full cups might end up folding if it is too big.

Demi Cups

As the name suggests, demi cups only offer half-coverage to the bust but provide a slight lift. Women who feel their breast is saggy can opt for demi-cups for perkier breasts. Demi-cup bras may or may not have wiring and padding. 


Ornate bra styles offer unique designs and styles, and each has its features, making them different from basic construction-based categorizin. 

Balconette Bra

The balconette bra has wide-set straps making it ideal for boat neck dresses or other styles with wide or plunging necklines.


The bralette can also work as a top as it comes with sleeves, though there are tube bralettes and other styles of bralettes. A bralette has no straps, and the entire bra is usually one-piece and is a pull-on type bra.

Custom Straps

One of the recent trends in bras are custom-straps that allow women to detach the straps and attach them in any style. For example, women could make the bra a racerback or a halter-neck, according to their dresses. These bras also come with decorative straps that add to the look of the outfit.


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