Governor Soludo signs into law Anambra’s 259 billion naira budget for 2023

The Governor of Anambra State, Solo Chukwumaon Tuesday he signed the state appropriation bill of 259 billion naira for 2023.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at the Governor’s Lodge in Awka, Governor Soludo noted that the 2023 budget was built on five pillars.

According to him, the pillars are Security, Law and Order; Economic Transformation; Social Agenda; Development of Human Capital / Transformation of Public Works and Environment.

Acceleration Budget: Soludo had submitted a proposed budget of N259 billion to the State House of Assembly for consideration on 10 November. He said that his administration was ready to provide quality government to the people of Anambra and that the five political axes would receive the same and simultaneous attention. He said

  • “I want to thank parliament for this productive partnership, especially the leadership, which ensures expeditious scrutiny of the 2023 budget. This is the kind of partnership we want to build the Anambra of our dream.
  • “This is the Acceleration Budget, one that, despite the challenges of insecurity and economic downturn, we are still pressing on the accelerator. This budget prioritizes five main areas of focus as I laid out in my budget speech. Now we are ready to deliver for next year, with the budget in hand, let’s do it”.

Good ways for Christmas: Speaking further, the governor said he had met with local government presidents about the state of state highways and made funds available for remedial work on them.

The news continues after this announcement.

  • He said this will ensure roads are passable over Christmas and New Years before the completion of major construction work on state highways.
  • He noted that the unprecedented flooding the state faced washed away roads and bridges, but assured citizens that the main intervention was looming.
  • He also noted that the state had spent around N2 billion on remedial works on well-maintained federal highways since he took office.
  • “Our palliative is not just the normal palliative that will make you walkable for days; the roads will be built to last, the quality is unprecedented and they will last a long time,” he said.

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