Grupo Obi criticizes APC and PDP for condemnation of Okupe

The Peter Obi Support Network has criticized the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party for the conviction of Dr. Doyin Okupe, who is the Campaign Manager of the Labor Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, by a Federal High Court based in Abuja. for infringing the money laundering law.

The group said that Okupe’s conviction has given some corrupt politicians, currently seeking Nigeria’s top job, a new opportunity to try to dismantle Peter Obi’s staunch reputation as one of Nigeria’s most credible, honest and incorruptible politicians. .

According to them, Okupe is not Obi and it is not right for Obi to be dragged into someone else’s legal disgrace.

In a statement released on Monday by POSN media director Onwuasoanya Jones, he said PDP members and their conjoined twins in APC had gone through all files and data, opened the shelves and searched the cemeteries and dug up all traces. in all financial institutions. they can access just to find any little dirt that they can attach to the integrity of Peter Obi.

The group said but throughout, the APC and PDP are left disappointed.

The statement read: “While no politician is free from sin, Peter Obi has lived without reproach and has operated his businesses and pursued his politics with the fear of God and respect for the people.

“Unsurprisingly, today’s court ruling has provided APC and PDP media staff with valuable materials to try to bring Peter Obi to the level of his variously discredited and accused teachers and presidential candidates. .

“No matter how any PDP or APC agent pretends, everyone agrees that Peter Obi is one of a kind. So anything that makes it seem like “he’s not much different from all of them” would be exploited to the fullest by them.

“But while they can smile and celebrate having something to label themselves with, we must logically evaluate the High Court ruling that convicted Doyin Okupe and be able to understand if he is really the criminal these thieves’ servants would have us make. he thinks he is.

“Almost everyone in the upper echelon of the PDP and APC presidential campaign organizations is being investigated and tried for a serious financial crime which when you compare it to the crime Okupe was convicted of you know is like comparing murderers on trial. with a person convicted of a minor traffic offence.

“Doyin’s offense was not that he diverted funds destined for any project or that he stole money that he was given to carry out any task for the Federal Government. Doyin was convicted of the same crime that almost every businessperson in Nigeria commits every day.

“Any time you make a transaction that exceeds 150,000 naira in cash, you are apparently guilty of money laundering, because, according to the CBN cashless policy introduced by Sanusi Lamido as CBN Governor, you should not have to carry money that is more of 150,000 naira. But, we all do that, all the time.

“That is the exact reason why Doyin was convicted. His offense was for collecting more than the specified amount of cash, instead of passing it through the banks.

“That is why I do not agree with those who paint a picture of Doyin as a common thief or one of the corrupt politicians. As far as this particular sentence is concerned, Doyin is simply a criminal and not a criminal. He’s like someone who jumped traffic lights and gets fined for it.

“So unlike those who support Tinubu and those who sing Atiku’s praises, Doyin is not a thief, they and their principals are those whom we should be afraid to allow near our community.

“Also, Doyin Okupe is not Peter Obi. Yes, he is one of Peter Obi’s closest political allies, when it comes to this blueprint for a New Nigeria in 2023, but this does not mean that Obi should be dragged into the legal misfortune that recently befell Doyin.

“However, I will conclude by saying that if the top echelon of the Labor Party CCP deems it prudent for Doyin to step aside, then so be it.”

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