He received a welcome gift from the tech company that hired him, but the biggest surprise came three days later.

Brittany Yeh lives in San Francisco, California., and until a few months ago he was Marketing Manager at Lyft, a mobility technology company. A few days ago she shared a video on your tik tok account It caused a stir and went viral.

the woman was fired three days after receiving your company’s welcome packin a situation that adds to the cuts in personnel that several technology companies such as Twitter, Amazon and Meta.

The young woman, as she relates in her video, was part of the mass layoffs made by Lyft, the tech company he joined in March of this year. What New York Times late this week, the firm made the decision to lay off the “13% of its employees, about 650 of its 5,000 workers.”

In a first recording shared on October 31, Brittany described that started at that job a few months ago, but only now had they just sent their package. Apparently the company didn’t have the full items that were included in the gift, so delivery was delayed.

They gave her a welcome gift and fired her three days later

in a classic unpack showed the items that were inside the box that arrived at his house: a gray t-shirt with a pink print, a ceramic thermal mug, a notebook to take notes, a pen and several stickers related to the brand. All of the above with the company logo, of course. However, the excitement over the gift was short-lived.

Precisely, shortly after that video, the young woman shared a new clip in which she read incredible news: “Posting my welcome pack for my tech job only to be fired 3 days later”wrote.

The post published by the tiktoker a few days after opening the package@brittanyyeh/TikTok

That was not the outcome of his story, on November 7 he shared one more recording in which he thanked the love and support received after going viral. Despite the bittersweet moment she experienced, Brittany He assured that they were very nice days and that he really wanted the best for the colleagues he met..

Nor did she blame the company for firing her, but instead sympathized with the economic situation in the United States.

Finally, He stressed that “he only has love” for Lyft: “Obviously, although it’s a bummer, I don’t take it personally. I totally get it. We’re going to go into a recession and at the end of the day, if they can’t keep a certain number of employees, they just have to fire us.”

In accordance with NYTThe tech industry slowdown was compounded when Amazon publicly said it had stopped hiring employees, while other companies announced cuts.

The headquarters of Twitter, in San Francisco, is also today in the eye of the storm
The headquarters of Twitter, in San Francisco, is also today in the eye of the stormLea Suzuki/The Chronicle – San Francisco Chronicle

The top executives of the digital commerce giant made the decision because the economy was “in an uncertain place”. At the same time, Lyft announced his layoffs, while Stripe, a payment platform, said it would cut 14% of his staff, which is 1,100 jobs.

Other companies involved are Twitter, since Elon Musk took over as CEO, Microsoft and Meta, by Mark Zuckerberg. In the analysis of the cited media, technology companies have led the US economy for decades, but in recent weeks the largest firms reported results below expectations, surely as a result of the global economic crisis, inflation and the increase in Interest rates.


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