Heroic Story raises $6 million for Web3 RPG

Heroic Story, which is a Web3 game protocol, announced on November 17 that it has successfully completed a seed funding round in the amount of $6 million. The financing round was led by Upfront Ventures and included the participation of Multicoin Capital and Polygon Technology.

The cash will be used for a variety of things, including hiring experienced staff, promoting and selling the game’s impending open beta, and developing on-chain technology for an MMORPG environment. Assuming the current funding round is completed, Heroic Story will have amassed a total of $7.4 million in funding.

In addition to being co-writers and investors in Marvel’s Eternals, cousins ​​Ryan and Kaz Firpo were also investors with Wolfgang Hammer, Miramax’s head of film production. Other investors included strategic angels such as Team Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet as well as Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma.

“We fell in love with the concept of Heroic Story because they bring authentic online role-playing experiences to huge audiences around the world who are excited about the tabletop RPG genre,” said Mark Suster, Managing Partner of Upfront Ventures. We were instantly drawn to Heroic Story’s ambition to bring “authentic” online RPG experiences to huge and passionate fanbases around the world in the tabletop RPG genre.

Early investors in the company included Transcend Fund, Kevin Lin, who was one of the co-founders of Twitch, Holly Liu, who was one of the co-founders of Kabam, and Furqan Rydhan, who was the CEO of Thirdweb.

The 2019 startup that was formed from Y Combinator is a company that specializes in developing and marketing multiplayer versions of popular tabletop RPGs, sometimes known as TTRPGs. By combining traditional storytelling with cutting-edge gameplay elements, these games provide players with a complete and immersive experience.

Jay Rosenkrantz, the current CEO of Heroic Story, began his career as one of the best online poker players and entrepreneur. He went on to build and produce one of the first consumer virtual reality adventure games. Rosenkrantz has stated that “the convergence of storytelling and technology has been the theme of my career.” As he stated, “Platforms that are enabled with smart contracts will transform gaming, storytelling and community building.”

Legends of Fortunata, the company’s first game franchise, launched in 2021 and features an immersive gaming experience that “eliminates the pain points of playing traditional online table games, no stress programming, and an exciting virtual rewards system.” designed to broaden the reach and appeal of TTRPG to new audiences.” This statement was made in reference to the game’s ability to “broaden the reach and appeal of TTRPG to new audiences.” This program, for example, “eliminates the pain points of playing traditional table games online, with no stress programming and an exciting virtual rewards system meant to broaden your gaming horizons,” according to the site’s description.

The market value of blockchain gaming reached over $25 billion in the first three months of the year 2022. Player feedback on the entire gaming experience is one of the major hurdles that blockchain-based games face. Blockchains must overcome to be successful.

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